1. MrdK

    FS: Mobile Nokia 3310, 6233, 6230, 5200, 6600, LG, Siemens, Sony earbud, Ve monk earbud

    Selling a few vintage phones and earphone Sony MDR W014 - Rs 1500 Old Sony neckband style earbud with very good vocals making it best for podcast listening. Good for music too. Venture Electronics Monk Go - Rs 850 A very good flathead earbud from VE with headphone like sound and...
  2. C

    FS: Headphone Wings phantom godlike tws earphones for cheap,

    Product Name: Wings Phantom Godlike Gaming TWS Earbuds Bluetooth Gaming Headset Expected Price: Rs 700 Shipping charges : buyer pays should not be more than 150 though Manufacturer page URL: https://wingslifestyle.in/products/phantom-godlike Description if any: Cheap wireless tws , I dont know...
  3. MrdK

    FS: Headphone Shozy BK aka Stardust

    Shozy BK is a flagship earbud which sound great and is very comfortable for long listening because of the pk shell design. It is also known as 'stardust' because of the popularity among earbud enthusiasts and the sound quality. It sound warm and little bassy but have the clarity and detail in...
  4. MrdK

    FS: Headphone M50X, audiophile earbuds and earphone

    Audiotechnica M50X - RS 3000 Selling without earpads as it got deteriorated very badly and was unusable. So i ripped them off a few month ago. Headband's faux leather layer got peeled off and only a little remaining. It is working perfectly fine, just need new earpads. Original cable is the...
  5. F

    FS: Headphone [BNIB] Sony WF-XB700

    Product Name: Sony WF-XB700 Expected Price: Rs 5800 Shipping charges: 50-50 Manufacturer page URL: Amazon Link Description if any: Brand new piece, used handful times. Reason for Sale: Too big for me Product condition: 10 out of 10 Purchase Date: 3 Aug 2022 Remaining Warranty period: 12 Months...
  6. SpaceScraper

    FS: Headphone JBL Tune 125TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

    Brand new set. Used around 15 days max
  7. M

    Recommendations for wireless earbuds below 2k

    I'm looking to get a pair of wireless earbuds within 1.5-2k to use when I go to the gym. Accordingly, the most important features to me are a long battery life, snug fit so they don't fall out or start irritating the ear after too long, and slight water proofing/resistance in case I sweat too...
  8. MrdK

    Suggestions on IEM under 20k with warm soothing sound

    I would like to have some suggestions on iem with warm kind of tonality. I dont want any boost in upper mkds or treble. Recessed treble amd especially recessed upper mids lower treble will be prefered. I want some thing very smooth amd non fatiguing. It should be under ₹20000 The ines that i...
  9. Audi0slave

    FS: Headphone Lypertek Pureplay Z3

    Hello TE, Selling my recently purchased Lypertek Pureplay Z3 after my Airpods 2 died. These are phenomenal for the price but I will be going back to AirPods since they are much more comfortable for me. The product is in pristine condition with all available accessories, will sanitize them...
  10. ultraportable

    FS: Headphone SENCER E100 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

    SENCER Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Earph ones with Mic, with 480 mAh Charging Case, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling, 3D Stereo Sound, HD Microphone, 20 Hours Playtime, IPX6 Waterproof Sports Headset. You can pay using Paytm / amazon gift voucher / Bhim UPI / Bank transfer or personally come home, test...