1. R

    FS: Others **Price Drop**Akitio EGPU+Dell 220watt power supply+cables

    All components are hardly used and are in brand new condition.(Except dell power supply) EGPU- Rs.14000 Dell(da-2) Power Supply- Rs. 3000 (The EGPU comes with its own power supply that us unused but is of very less wattage and hence cannot be used to power a GPU) Cable - Rs.1000 - I specially...
  2. D

    FS: Others eGPU enclosure, Asus XG Station Pro @15k

    Hey guys, Selling this one after experimenting with a laptop + egpu combo for a while. History: I had a Dell XPS 9570 with which this egpu (with an nVidia 2070 RTX) worked just fine. I shifted over to a Lenovo X1 Extreme, and while it worked plug and play for a few weeks, some Windows update...
  3. DKRtech

    FS: Video Card SOLD - Like NEW Aorus GTX1080 TB3 eGPU

    SOLD. Hello, am selling a US bought Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080 8GB Thunderbolt 3 eGPU Gaming Box. Its practically brand new as I am not a gamer and tried it for approximately two hours with my HMD Odyssey VR Headset which is also listed here for sale. It was purchased in June and I received it in...