external hard disk

  1. K

    FS: Storage Hardware WD Passport 4TB HDD

    Selling my WD passport 4tb external HDD. I bought this used locally from a person I know for 5,350 just a month back, with plan to use private trackers but then realized it has too many hassles(drains the entire bandwith, making internet unusable for anything else). So giving up and selling as I...
  2. K

    FS: Storage Hardware Unopened WD Elements 1tb external hard disk.

    Selling unopened 1tb wd elements hard drive. Has warranty till 2024, if you check the serial number. Will share the serial no via PM. This was received by my cousin brother with a laptop he purchased, so it has no seperate bill. Price inclusive of shipping. If shipping exceeds 200, you will...
  3. D

    FS: Storage Hardware 8TB WD external hard drive -brand new - for sale

    Bought a year ago for backing up my surgical videos, but not opened, as I got a NAS for back up. I think warranty can be registered when it is opened. Then 3 year warranty. If from the date of purchase 2 years. Not sure about this, but I think it is from time of registration. The picture shows...
  4. Digigear

    Storage Solutions Seagate or Western Digital? | Need a 4TB or 5TB portable HDD

    I'm planning to get a 4TB portable USB 3.0 hard disk that doesn't need external power. I'm looking at these two products:- Western Digital WD 4TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4 TB External Hard Drive HDD They seem comparable, except that the WD unit...
  5. A

    FS: Storage Hardware Western Digital My Passport 4TB Portable Hard disk

    Selling a 4TB Western Digital portable USB 3.0 hard disk. Works great. Upgraded to 5TB hence selling this.