1. tech.monk

    Whatsapp sending telemetry data

    Checking the logs of the DNS/Router and found that one of the domain hit made consistently. Its dit.whatsapp.net, its an telemetry endpoint by Whatsapp/FB to collect the data. If I see the data for today, it hit 200+ calls since midnight - seems awesome on how FB/Whatsapp is collecting...
  2. T

    "All your data belongs to us" - Whatsapp is now completely Facebooked

    Not much of a surprise, but quite unfortunate due to the dependency that has built up on Whatsapp within India. Guess most will just accept the new policy and sell their souls further to FB...
  3. T

    Apple vs Facebook

    Get the popcorn out! Facebook: https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/17/22180102/facebook-new-newspaper-ad-apple-ios-14-privacy-prompt Apple: https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/16/22179721/apple-defends-upcoming-privacy-changes-standing-up-for-users-facebook-data I agree with the EFF on this. While...
  4. swatkats

    Investments in Reliance Jio (Obviously for Customer data)

    Update (22/04/2020): Facebook to invest ₹43,574 crore in Jio platforms https://about.fb.com/news/2020/04/facebook-invests-in-jio/
  5. swatkats

    WhatsApp - Updates and Issues

    A New WhatsApp update seems set to stop people screenshotting their private conversations. The new feature – which comes as part of a suite of security changes, in line with the app's commitment to privacy – seems strangely integrated. It doesn't appear to block someone taking screengrabs of...
  6. Futureized

    How to Manage your google and facebook accounts ? (AVOID DATA SELLING)

    How do you hide your personal and working network from these monsters ? Kindly request to share answers.. I personally have 2 cells, One used for social networking among everyone. (whatsapp, facebook, google accounts (around 2 accounts), few other social networking sites. Other for family...
  7. swatkats

    Millions of contact details, search history stolen in online attack: Facebook

    Facebook revealed on Friday that a hack in September allowed attackers to harvest millions of phone numbers and email addresses. The company said hackers used 400,000 accounts under their control to gain the access tokens of 30 million Facebook users, according to a blog post. Access tokens are...