1. imad7x

    WTB Chromecast/firestick any other TV streaming device

    My dad got his work retirement last month and doesn't have much to do now. Not sure if he'll enjoy the content from a streaming device so that's why I'm trying to grab a used one for lower price. We have an HD TV so any device between HD-FHD will work. Please send in your offers. Thanks
  2. R

    Audio Cheap Bluetooth Receivers with decent SounD QualitY

    I am looking for a Cheap Bluetooth Receivers with decent SounD QualitY. I have shortlisted these two. 2 in 1 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Pros: Can be used as transmitter and receiver. Portronics AUTO 12...
  3. dazzwilliams

    WTB Mi Box 4k or Firestick 4k/non 4k

    Interested to buy either Mi Tv box 4k or Amazon Firestick 4k or even non 4k stick. Need one with warranty. Thanks
  4. raksrules

    FS: Home Audio Video Firestick 2nd Gen (with Non working Remote)

    Selling my 2nd Gen firestick 2nd gen with non working remote. Here are few points about it.... It can be used with Fire TV app on phone but pre-requisite for that is you should have connected to the wifi network in your home before. Since the buyer won't have this option, there is a way to...
  5. R

    Mi TV Stick or Google Chromecast 3 ? + Basic Stick Questions

    I recently got an old HD TV fixed and wanted to make it "smart" Im new to the streaming stick fashion, i want an android based stick because of better app library (assuming) 1, Out of Mi TV Stick and Google Chromecast 3, which has better hardware? 2. Im aware chromecast doesnt come with a...
  6. y2s

    FS: Home Audio Video Apple TV 2, Chromecast 2, FireTV 1, EzCast

    Apple TV 2 ₹1,500 Now Rs. 1200 EzCast ₹500 Chromecast 2 ₹1,200 -Sold to @The_Falcon FireTV Stick 1 ₹750 -Sold to @zeet2020 Buy the lot and I'll give you even better prices. Happy to ship Pan-India. Shipping @ actuals. Testing Warranty also given. Pics Attached
  7. raksrules

    FS: Others Sideclick Remote for Firestick remote

    I have a Sideclick Remote to be used with fire stick remote. If you are not sure what Sideclick is, you may check its website. I have verified by doing setup with my existing sony tv and it works fine. Do remember this remote is useful only if your TV has IR receiver and you still have existing...
  8. Santy

    FS: Home Audio Video (SOLD) FireTV stick

    Hi Pls DM if interested Great condition All accessories included Working perfect 10/10 Voice control Full HD Dolby sound Shipping 50:50 shared Item location Bangalore
  9. raksrules

    FS: Home Audio Video Amazon Fire TV Box 4K

    Selling Amazon Fire TV 4K Box. Bought from US sometime in 2018. This box was never available in India. Has Microsd card slot and ethernet too. Comes with its own remote (old style without volume up down and turn off buttons) and I am also including the programmable Sideclick remote which will...
  10. thox

    FS: Others Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with All-New Alexa Voice Remote

    For Sale ! Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with All-New Alexa Voice Remote Expected Price: SOLD Source and Time of Purchase: 29th October 2019 Amazon US Reason for Sale: Extra. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition: Open Box, opened only for testing...
  11. V

    FS: Home Audio Video Amazon Firestick with alexa remote

    Amazon Firestick with alexa remote (9 month warranty remaining) Only used once for testing only 1578894173 local buyer prefered