1. lockhrt999

    List Of Recommended Direct Seller/Websites (Better than amazon/flipkart)

    Coming from anti competitive experiences of marketplaces like Amazon/Flipkart, we should have a list of direct sellers or websites (non-marketplaces) who are specialized into their niche and provide very good service. Please list, discuss or critic direct sellers/websites you know. Buying from...
  2. imran_chennai

    WTB Lenovo Smart Clock Essential <= ₹1,000 , Google Nest Mini <= ₹500 through Flipkart coupons

    Please let me know if anyone has coupons for the purchase of the above items. Thanks!
  3. imran_chennai

    Recommendations for 4K TV in 20K to 30K range in the 2021 Diwali Sale

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a 43" 4K TV during the upcoming Diwali sale. Have listed down some pointers for context, could use some help narrowing down to a few models to purchase as there are too many to choose from. Priority on panel quality, overall build strength, and robust operation. Willing...
  4. Z

    (SOLD) Pixel Buds A-series for Rs. 4,999 (50% off)

    I recently purchased a Pixel 4a and thus I am entitled to purchase Pixel Buds A-series for Rs. 4,999 which is half of its listed cost. This is valid till 30 Sept 2021. Please DM or respond to this thread if you are interested. If there are more than 5 responses, I will do a lucky draw so...
  5. kolayamit

    Reality of Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer

    I had ordered a Samsung A20 from Flipkart with exchange offer applied(Redmi Note 6 Pro). The Redmi Note 6 Pro was bought from Flipkart only and is in excellent condition. It's under warranty with Bill, Box and Charger. There is only one small mark/scratch on the back camera glass(no issue when...
  6. ashish

    Android Urgent: Opt for Replacement or no issues here

    My friend got Redmi note 7 basic phone from Flipkart some days ago. While the phone is working perfect flawlessly, what is bothering him is the yellow tint he gets when any daylight image is captured. Also, the red color isn't captured really red, it either appears orangish or pinkish. He is...
  7. swatkats

    When A TV Buyer was Sold Insurance Policy as Extended Warranty!

    Vinayak Gupta (name changed) bought a Vu brand television (TV) in May 2016 from Chembur-based Kohinoor Televideo Pvt Ltd, with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. While buying the TV, the dealer told Mr Gupta that he could get an extended warranty for the television just by paying Rs4,523...
  8. swatkats

    No Cost EMI from Amazon and Flipkart – How does it work?

    RBI prohibited financial institutes in offering ZERO percent interest loans. In such a situation, how one can offer No Cost EMI at ZERO interest, ZERO downpayment and ZERO processing fee? Let us first understand the players involves in the online selling business. # Buyers :It is you who...
  9. iPwnz

    [Flipkart] MSI GL63 8RC Gaming Laptop (i5 8300H, GTX 1050) ~60k.

    UPDATE MSI said the naming scheme of their laptops depends on the GPU in it so the 8RC has GTX 1050 (non-Ti) and the 8RD has the GTX 1050 Ti. Sorry for the confusion. The GPU details provided by MSI on the Flipkart site contradicted each other so... :/ MSI GL Series Core i5 8th Gen - (8 GB/1 TB...
  10. 6pack

    Flipkart to shut eBay India, sell used goods at new bay

    Source 1: Times Of India Source 2: Economic Times
  11. cyberboy_varad

    Budget 20-25K iPhone 6 from Amazon/Flipkart?

    I am planning to buy iPhone 6 as that's the only (4.7-inch) iPhone in my budget from Amazon/Flipkart. However, there are a lot of negative reviews. Does it make sense to get one because of the negative reviews? Anybody with recent experience? Is Amazon/Flipkart selling old refurbished iPhones...
  12. iPwnz

    Walmart now owns Flipkart; Deal completed at $16B

  13. R

    EBAY INDIA: Change of Ownership

    Email from eBay India to its customers
  14. 6pack

    Flipkart looks to forge $1.5 billion deal, with eBay and Tencent

    Source: Economictimes So is eBay pulling out of India?
  15. 6pack

    Flipkart Teases OnePlus 3 Sale; OnePlus Co-Founder Tweets 'What’s This? We’re Exclusive With Amazon'

    Source: NDTV Gadgets 360 Seller is OmniTechRetail
  16. 6pack

    CPU on FlipKart

  17. D

    Budget 10-15K Why is Redmi Note 3 out of stock everywhere?

    I just cannot find a Redmi Note 3 32GB phone anywhere. Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are all out of stock. It seems the only place to buy the phone is on ebay but it is overpriced and I'm not entirely trustful of those deals. Does anyone know if this means there is no way to buy RN3 from these...
  18. K

    Flipkart's Awesome Discounts ;)

    Check out this beauty. Acer Predator G9-792 http://www.flipkart.com/acer-predator-g9-792-nh-q0psi-001-core-i7-16-gb-1-tb-hdd-windows-10-8-gb-graphics-notebook/p/itmehwc693ubtrt3?pid=COMEHWC6CYYAZKQR Selling Price: Rs. 179,999 Special Price: Rs. 179,997