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  1. P

    FS: Video Card Brand new and unused Elgato HD60 S HDMI/USB Capture Card

    Only opened to check contents. Never been used and selling since it's not going to be used. Please DM me your offers if you disagree with the asking price. Thanks for looking!
  2. P

    FS: Monitor and LCD BENQ GW2255 led monitor 21.5 inch full HD 1080p

    Purchased online. It doesn't have any defect. Has VGA and DVI input. I'll include a VGA cable. I've found a dvi to HDMI cable also incase someone need that. Good viewing angles has a 60hz refresh rate. Resolution 1920x1080 Panel type VA Product Link...
  3. DanteErodov

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer B227Q IPS Full HD 22inch 75 Hz monitor with Height Adjustment & more than 2 year warranty

    Product link: https://www.amazon.in/Acer-B227Q-21-5-Full-Monitor/dp/B0792TPZ5T/ Want to sell this monitor, preferably locally otherwise shipping would be at buyers cost & risk. Price is fixed as this monitor is within warranty & a new one is sold for at least around 10k with offers. I got this...
  4. R

    WTB Looking for a 1080p projector.

    Looking for a 1080p projector. Preferably Optoma 143x/hd27e!!
  5. M

    Budget 0-20k 24-25 inch FHD monitor within 18k

    Hi Guys, I am planning to change my 5 year old 24" FHD BenQ monitor.Mostly this monitor will be used for gaming (about 10 hrs max a week :() and not much else though since I do my handbrake encoding on this PC mostly via Windows Remote connection from my laptop. My...
  6. thox

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer S231HL 23" LED Monitor

    For Sale ! Acer S231HL 23" LED Monitor Product Name:- Acer S231HL 23" LED Monitor Manufacturers code & URL: https://www.techenclave.com/community/threads/is-acer-s231hl-23-led-monitor-a-good-buy.98686/ Expected Price: Rs 4000/- SOLD to @aalaap Time of Purchase: Oct 2010. Company...
  7. T

    FS: Photography Panasonic HC-V270 1080p Camcorder (50x Optical, 90x iZoom, 5-axis stabilization)

    It is frankly the best budget camcorder. Too bad that the occasion I bought it for never materialized, so you get to buy it a significant discount if you believe it as such. Comes with the entire set of accessories supplied at the time of purchase and as seen in the attached image. Details...