galaxy tab s6

  1. soulweaver

    User Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Tab S4, Tab S6 Vs. A non existent iPad Pro

    I have long been a fan of the Galaxy Note line. All my phones (barring a impulse purchase Galaxy S6 - Topaz Blue... that colour...) have been Notes (since the OG Note). Besides that I have had almost every Note Tablet ever launched. All with cellular connectivity. The Cast of Tablets 1. Note...
  2. StingU

    FS: Tablet Samsung galaxy Tab S6 256 8gb wifi

    2 months used but still like new. no scratches, dents etc. in the images you might see cracks on screen those are on screen protector not on actual screen config : 256gb 8gbram processor : snapdragon 855 contents in this purchase 1. bills box etc 2. tablets obviously 3. samsung original...