1. Dilbersha

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Razer Huntsman Mini - Clicky Optical Switch - 60% RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Sealed Pack For sale

    sealed and perfect Razer Huntsman Mini - Clicky Optical Switch - 60% RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - Sealed Pack For sale
  2. R

    FS: Desktops For Sale : VR/SimRacing Gaming PC : Oculus Quest, Thrustmaster T150 Pro, Aopen 32" 144 1440p, Asus Rx 580 4GB, Ryzen 7 1700, Asus X470 MB, 500GB 970EV

    Hey Guys, I'm selling my primary Gaming PC which I originally built in 2018 but parts kept updating over the years. I use(d) it primarily as my daily driver, for VR Games / Sim Racing and some Video editing. > Full name of the product(s) up for sale / Condition of the item / Date of purchase ...
  3. K

    FS: Consoles Xbox Series S - 2 months old

    ✓ Selling cause it is not at all in use. ✓ Invoice from Amazon India for 39,990 is available, since mrp is 34,990, this looks like an EU imported model. I am not sure how warranty works. However, product check shows warranty till July 14 2023. ✓ Have full box, accessories and controller. Hdmi...
  4. starlord

    FS: Mobile Excellent condition Iqoo 7 Legend 8/128GB Variant

    Hello looking to sell my Excellent condition iqoo 7 legend 8/128GB Comes with bill , box & all accessories Purchased from Amazon Around 1.5 months old anyone interested in purchasing it please message me
  5. starlord

    FS: Laptop (Sold) Excellent condition Asus Tuf Gaming FX705DT 17.3 inch Laptop

    Hello looking to sell my excellent condition Asus Tuf Gaming FX705DT 17.3 inch Laptop Specs Screen size 17.3 inch , Ryzen 3750 , 16GB RAM , 500GB Samsung 980 series SSD , 1 TB HDD , 4GB GTX 1650 Graphics Specs of Laptop can also be seen in screenshot attached Upgraded with Samsung 980 series...
  6. iZero7

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

    Selling Logitech G402 (RMA unit) Condition : Brand New, only seal opened by RMA wala to check serial number Warranty : out of warranty, bill available(attached) Reason for Sale : Extra Unit
  7. S

    FS: Headphone (Gaming Audio)Astro A30 With Mixamp (New)

    Astro A30 headset with mixamp.(as good as new) Rs 10k plus Rs 300 shipping. this is still regarded as one of the best gaming headphone with microphone ever and many audiophile love the wired option . conditions-Almost new hardly ever used more than twice. whatever accessories cable you get...
  8. R

    FS: Desktops Selling system on behalf of friend..i5 9600K and z390UD

    reposting.. seems my earlier post was deleted as i didn't put my name on piece of paper. Friend want's to sell full system 2019 build, GPU already sold, cabinet I swapped with him. everything has bill except other gpu which is now put in for use. box available for only PSU, GPU and CPU. i5...
  9. Abhijat

    FS: Headphone Audeze Mobius Wireless Gaming Headphones

    Opened and used for about 2 hours. Warranty is only valid in Japan and USA.
  10. Stronk

    Budget 90k+ Why just core count isn’t the best metric to determine “future proof”-ability for gaming CPUs

    Addresses a lot of concerns and statements such as “3700X will be better than 5600X for future proofing,” “you need more cores than the minimum to account for background processes” etc. worth watching the full thing IMO, and will clear a lot of doubts about cores, cache and CPU.
  11. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Others Brand new Aqua control+ control mousepad black XL 450*400

    Hi Guys, Selling brand new Aqua control+ control mousepad black XL 450*400 size sealed. Please do not use this thread for discussion. Kindly pm for any query. Regards
  12. RaRa

    Any reviews on HP X24iH.

    I'm planning to buy a monitor to complete my set-up and I've selected the HP X24iH (Specs: 144Hz 1080p 24" IPS 350nits) Does anyone here own this particular monitor? I'd like to get some experiences before buying as it has very limited reviews on Amazon & there aren't many reviews out there on...
  13. Abhijat

    WTB Audeze Mobius

    Looking for a quick buy
  14. RaRa

    Looking for mouse feet!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy mouse skates for my G304 & Glorious Model O wireless. Any idea where I can buy pure 100% PTFE mouse feets in India? Can't seem to find mouse feets anywhere. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  15. NinjaTheory

    FS: Networking ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router

    Product Name: ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router Expected Price: Rs 22,500 (Down from Rs 25,000) Shipping charges: At Actuals Manufacturer page URL: ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 at Asus Official Website Description: Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Gaming...
  16. aercy

    FS: Consoles Xbox Series S - In warranty

    I’m selling my 8 months old Xbox Series S. My PS5 is keeping me occupied so selling the Xbox. All original accessories and box is there. Youtube Video of Console
  17. MarioBros

    FS: Consoles Xbox One X 1TB - In warranty

    Selling my Xbox One X console (1TB 4K supported) in excellent condition and in warranty till 22/09/2021 Selling this as I am not using it anymore, not even a single issue perfectly working, Console was purchased in Amazon India. Note - Controller is not included in this sale, I had damaged the...
  18. gawdfather007

    Suggest me some good options for Arcade stick

    I recently started playing tekken and one of my friend suggested me to get an arcade stick. Now I need suggestions if its even worth it or should I get a controller instead.
  19. C

    Sony Pulse 3D Headsets

    Do they make sense to buy if one already owns a PS5 or are there better alternatives in the price range? Thanks
  20. RaRa

    My small setup on my huge a$$ table.

    Laptop: Zephyrus S15 (GX502GW) i7-9750h / RTX 2070 Max-P Keyboard: ANT MK1000 Mouse pad: RedGear MP80 control type (XL) Mouse: Logitech G304 Earphones: AKG/Samsung Striff laptop stand. Waiting on my HP X24ih monitor so my setup will be complete for now.