1. sushantade

    FS: Games God of War Ragnarok [PS5]

    Local buyers preferred. Amazing game and selling it with a heavy heart. payment received from @fLUX shipping it tomorrow.
  2. eraviii

    FS: Games God of war Ragnarok PS4 Launch edition

    Looking to sell my GOW Ragnarok PS4 copy for 3,200. Shipping extra. Location : Bangalore. Reason : Platinum'd the game hence selling, Codes have been used.
  3. W

    FS: Games GOW Ragnarok PS5 Disc

    Selling GOW Ragnarok in mint condition as I have completed the game. Will be shipped using DTDC. Please don't lowball.
  4. Rohit1355

    FS: Games God Of War Ragnarok PS5 (Launch Edition)

    God of war ragnarok Ps5 purchase on 9 nov Bump
  5. Kilroyquasar

    FS: Games CoD WW2 (PS4), Uncharted 4 stickers, Dying Light (PS4), The Wolf Among Us (XB1)

    1. Battlefield Hardline (Xbox 1): 400/- sold & shipped 2. Call of Duty World War 2 (PS4): 800/- shipped 3. God of War (PS4): 900/- sold & shipped 4. Uncharted 4 disc with console & controllers stickers: 400/- shipped (750/- shipped for the disc alone) 5. Infamous First Light: 700/- shipped sold...
  6. M

    FS: Games Gears of War 4 PC Code

    Hey There, I have a valid Gears of War 4 PC for sale. Expected price is Rs 2000. Only Netbanking transfer.