1. princeoo7

    Need a Ergonomic Chair if its better then an gaming chair

    Need suggestion on buying a Ergonomic Chair if its better than gaming chair as claimed. What I am using is a basic chair which give me sore, you know where :p I was looking on you youtube and saw an review on ErgoChair 2 which I liked but its not available in india and is out of stock on...
  2. aquaticbullet

    Health & Fitness TE Health Insurance Thread

    Hi Everyone, Starting this health insurance thread so that we can collaborate and advise on this topic which is crucial to our financial well-being. Posting a link on why one would need health insurance -> Reasons for buying Health Insurance Another link on single most important thing to focus...
  3. assender

    Activity trackers

    What kind of activity trackers are you using on your daily routines? What are the most important stats for you? How accurate they are?