intel 13th gen

  1. Slayer_25

    Budget 51-70k Need Help in Knowing which parts to buy

    Hey guys my friend wants to upgrade to 13th gen i7 So need some suggestions for which Motherboard, RAM and Cooler to pair it with Please. Also should he go for 13700K or non K variant Parts will be bought tomorrow. Usage is gaming mostly
  2. terence_fdes

    MUST WATCH: Chosing DDR5 RAM | XMP | Intel 13th Gen | AMD

    For ALL who are into building an Intel 13th Gen or AMD Going in for DDR5 RAM (Chosing the Ultimate RAM) Actually what no-one ever prepared us for. WHAT ARE THE WEIRD ISSUES WITH XMP - PITFALLS - CHALLENGES & PHENOMENAL BENEFITS TOO COMPATIBILITY OF RAM Manufacturer WITH YOUR MOTHERBOARD...
  3. K

    Budget 51-70k Laptop for regular use

    Hello guys, I was looking for a laptop for daily use for my spouse. Following would be what I am looking forward from the machine. Budget 50-70k primary usage for the notebook : web surfing/MS office/casual gaming What size and weight considerations do you have : Portable 13''-14" Any brand...
  4. terence_fdes

    Budget 90k+ Build for Content Creation | 4K-8K | Graphics etc - upto 1.7L

    Hi Folks This would be my 5th and probably last PC Build over the past 33 or more years :borg:. So I really want it to last ...... reeeaaaly looong :angelic: I was shocked to realize that prices of almost everything have doubled and more since my last build (i7-3770K in 2012 or so) :drowning: I...
  5. Asteroid

    FS: Processor Intel 12th/13th Gen Processors: Core i5 12600k, i5 13600k, i7 12700k, i9 12900k CPU

    Items are in brand new unused condition, less than 2 weeks old and unboxed as per forum rules. They were bought locally on 3rd December by my colleagues and myself. Reason for Selling: Office initially told us to build our own rigs for which we would be compensated, but later provided us with...
  6. terence_fdes

    Budget 51-70k Will Intel 12th Gen prices come down & When?

    Hi I am in the process of upgrading and wish to know the following: 1. Launch date (approx) of Intel 13th Gen Processors in India? 2. By what percentage would the 12th Gen prices come down (esp with built in graphics Intel UHD 770)? (Would the reduction in 12th Gen prices be immediate?) 3...