1. renoir


    Hi everyone. I'm not exactly new here, have been lurking around for a few months. Someone recommended me this place on Reddit, at /r/IndianGaming. Finally decided to create an account, as I do have a few things to sell in future. Also looking to buy stuff when needed. I am a developer by...
  2. AnirudhSingh

    Hey Everyone : )

    Hey guys! I am Anirudh. I have been a member for a few days, but haven't introduced myself yet so here I am. I would try to be helpful to everyone whenever possible. I look forward to being a part of this community!
  3. Ishtiyaq Husain


    Hello everyone, I am Ishtiyaq from Kanpur, UP. I am a Software Engineer You can find more about me on Thanks!
  4. T


    Hey, everybody, I hope you're having a great day. I just came to know about this site via Antec India Website. I am really excited to join the community. I hope I can provide assistance to any one with anything related to PC Hardware, Networking/ Ubuntu/Pi Hole etc. I am expecting same from...
  5. ritwick87

    Hello TE! Greetings...

    Hello, My friend "Kaushal" introduced me to TE. I admit it's late but never the less. Likes (apart from Tech ofcourse):- 1. Biking 2. Driving 3. Watches 4. Music - Heavy Metal, Rock 5. Travelling 6. Shoes Dislikes:- 1. Religious views/drama 2. Political views/drama 3. Blowing own trumpet...
  6. Kesava

    Hi! I'm Kesava...

    Hi all, My name is Kesava and I'm an Ops Lead at an IT Sales Intelligence Research firm. I'm also a tech enthusiast and I'm here to know more about my favorite gadgets, share what I know and seek resolutions to any issues that I might come across in the future. :)