1. MarioBros

    FS: Tablet iPad 9th Gen - 11+ months warranty

    Selling Apple iPad 9th Gen 64gb which was received as a gift. iPad is in Pristine condition, with Bill, Box & original accessories and also includes a Case worth 700rs. Device is 20 days old and has warranty till 16th Aug 2023, purchased from Croma store in Bangalore.
  2. W

    FS: Tablet Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 64gb WiFi

    Selling my ipad pro 10.5", 64gb, WiFi. Got from my cousin who barely used it for a few days so I purchased it off of him. Has been used with tempered glass from day 1 and with a case. The case isn't in the best of conditions now after the test of time but I'd be including it since its no use to...
  3. imad7x

    WTB Any iPad released 2015 or later

    I don't have any specific use case I've just never tried an iOS device and want to try an iPad.
  4. raksrules

    Need help planning Dubai Trip

    I am located in Mumbai. I intend to travel to Dubai sometime later this year. Possibly when Kids have holidays too in school. I will be going with my wife and 2 kids (8 and almost 4). I need help on following... I am planning 5 Days, is that good amount of time? I would like to go to Kid...
  5. K

    All OS Anyone has experience with foldable bluetooth keyboard? (The ones with two fold + trackpad)

    I had bought a bluetooth keyboard from TE member - this one to be precise. While it does work well (Trackpad has isuses, but its more of a bluetooth thing from what I've read up) it is not a great pair with my iPad Mini 5 as its more wide and not easy to carry around. The keyboard being flimsy...
  6. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Tablet iPad Pro 2020 11", 256GB, Cellular

    Product Name & Details : Apple iPad Pro 2020, 11 inch, Cellular, 256GB Expected Price : Rs. 51,000/-. Source and Time of Purchase : 12/02/2021. Reason for Sale : S7+ LTE. RMA/Servicing history : Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition : Perfect Condition (9/10). Pictures are attached for...
  7. T

    FS: Tablet iPad Mini 5th gen Wi-Fi 256 GB + Apple Pencil 1st Gen

    Selling my 14 months old Apple iPad Mini 5th Gen 256 GB Wi-Fi variant and Apple Pencil 1st Gen. (Asking price is 30K for both combined) The condition of both the items is pristine, they have been used with utmost care. The iPad has been used with a Case (...
  8. Mukeshmeena

    FS: Tablet Apple Ipad air 4 2020 64Gb + Neopack folio keyboard

    Apple iPad Air 4. Never played games on it. Just used for watching videos and pdf. Applied tempered from day 1. And this keyboard with cover from day 1. Immaculate condition. Bill box everything available for ipad. It comes within neopack folio keyboard. Keyboard can be removed too. You can...
  9. WR4P-TP

    FS: Others iPad 10.2” Screen Protector & Case

    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Gaurd Protector for iPad 9 (2021) / iPad 8 (2020) / iPad 7 (2019). ESR Case Compatible with iPad 9th Generation (2021), 8th Generation (2020), 7th Generation (2019), Slim Protective 10.2-Inch Case, Shock-Resistant TPU Back, Auto Sleep/Wake, Rebound Series. Price...
  10. M

    Monitor to mirror Ipad screen for home podcast setup and basic video editing

    Hi, My friend has a 2017 Ipad Pro, which she is using for a basic video editing setup. It has a lightning port, and she is currently connecting her audio setup with it using a lightning to USB-A converter She wants a larger screen to be able to have a better handle on what she is doing. I...
  11. Kevin Lane

    Which tablet under 30K?

    My daughter has started medical college this year. I am looking to get her n tablet. Primary use will be reading e-books and notes. Secondary use will be entertainment, watching OTT. What are my options currently? I would like to get as big a screen as possible with decent processing power...
  12. superczar

    FS: Tablet Logitech Crayon for iPad (All generations)

    For sale is a Logitech Crayon stylus. Works with all iPad generations and is a good (also sturdier) replacement for the Apple Pencil. Per Logitech, the internals are the same as the Apple Pencil but buyer should check reviews and other details etc. It works for the older gen as well as current...
  13. C

    FS: Tablet iPad 12.9 (1st Gen) 128 GB/ iPad 6th Gen(9.7 inch)/ Apple Pencil 1

    iPad Pro 12.9 (1st gen) 128 GB silver: Rs. 35,000 which will give you the IPad, a lightning cable, 2 cases: https://www.amazon.com/SUPCASE-Unicorn-Full-Body-Protective-Protector/dp/B0170MA9VU (bulletproof, but very heavy case, in wonderful condition)...
  14. S

    FS: Others MacMini M1+Apple Pencil+iPad 11 Magic keyboard+Razer and more

    Hi, Posting my extra stuff and on behalf of a friend. I take complete responsibility for the deals. 3 days testing warranty with everything, unless its sealed pack. 1. MAC Mini M1 512gb - 60k Shipped 2. Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 Black- 19,000+Shippings at actuals. 3. Apple Pencil...
  15. XBalboa

    FS: Mobile iPad Mini MD528LL/A

    Hey guys I am selling iPad mini in good condition minor crack in touch right side. Touch is working fine properly iPad... Without any accessories. Thanks
  16. Stronk

    Good Lightning to USB convertor/adapter/OTG cable?

    Hi all, I need to purchase a Lightning to USB adapter since I want to add MIDI input from my music keyboard for GarageBand on my iPad Air 2. Don't need a USB 3 version (like this official one) so even USB 2 will do, and have a budget of 1.5k, max of 2k (obviously the lower the better). If you...
  17. MarioBros

    FS: Tablet iPad Air 3 - 64gb - mint condition

    Selling my iPad Air 3 (64gb Gold Wifi only) which I received as a gift 13 months ago. iPad is in mint scratchless condition with lamination cover on the back and tempered glass applied from day 1. Comes with original Charger also Box. Battery details below as per iMazing
  18. TrojanKing

    FS: Tablet iPad Pro |12.9 inch | 256GB | WiFi | 4th Gen | with Accessories + Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

    Accessories Included 1. Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Purchase Date : 16-April-2021 Warranty Period : Warranty till 15-April-2022 Invoice Available? Yes 2. Targus KB511 Purchase Date : 21-April-2021 Warranty Period : Warranty till 20-April-2024 Invoice Available? Yes 3. Trifold Magnetic Case, Silicon...
  19. madmaniac

    FS: Tablet Price drop. Ipad Air 4th gen ( latest Air model) for sale

    Selling for a friend. Purchased date: 12th October 2021 Accessories: magnetic portfolio case with trifold inbuilt stand function, a matte black silicon back case and an applied tempered glass (iPad has never been used without a case and tempered glass) Condition: just like new Spec: iPad Air...
  20. Mukeshmeena

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Neopack Ipad air 4 Keyboard

    Bought this with ipad. So the seller had lost invoice and box for keyboard. Will pack and ship in other box. I am selling it because I don’t use keyboard. Its deattachable keyboard btw.I don’t have box and invoice so it’s out of warranty.