1. ayaskant12

    FS: Mobile (Sold) iPHONE XR 64GB WHITE 7TH OCT 2019/ BH 90 percent

    Wifes phone Gently used, she just browses and does shopping online Nothing hardcore Like new condition Always inside a case
  2. aercy

    FS: Mobile iPhone X 64GB White

    Selling my almost 2 years old iPhone X 64GB white variant. The 10th anniversary iPhone with stainless steel frame. Original phone was bought in 27th May 2018. It showed face-id issue right before warrenty was expiring so got a brand new phone on April 2019 So this iPhone is basically less than...
  3. boss.bhavesh2

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 11 64GB White in Mint condition!

    Hey guys up for sale is iPhone 11 in mint condition. Has a slight Mark on top (shown in pics). Has warranty upto 31st may of this year. Comes with full kit. Lightning cable is a third party one. Rest all are og accessories. Thanks for looking. Great day :)
  4. 2kool2btrue

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Black

    This is my wife's phone. Has been used carefully throughout the course of time. Was protected with a tempered glass - both front and back from day 1. Absolutely mint condition! Currently looking for local buyers so that you can inspect the device in person. Can also ship on buyer's risk.
  5. MarioBros

    FS: Others Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount Pro

    Selling a Brand New Belkin Car Vent Pro with MagSafe which works with all iPhone 12 models Official Belkin Link Bought this for my Car but unfortunately my Car right door AC vents are not compatible with this device. Purchased from Apple Store in US for 43.34$ including tax. Arrived just a...
  6. S

    iOS Iphone 7Plus battery replacement -Kolkata

    Anyone here (Kolkata) knows a good reliable place to get iphone 7Plus battery replaced. How much should it cost?
  7. S

    FS: Mobile (Price Dropped) Iphone X 256GB Grey With cover (Kolkata buyer)

    Selling About 18 months old iphone X 256gb plus cover (only phone and cover no cables or chargers). for a Relative.. Rs 33000. Rs 30000 Condition- works fine. Tempered Glass is broked but internal screens fine. Once confirm I can remove the tempered glass and show internal screen too. Battery...
  8. y2s

    FS: Mobile *Price Reduced* - Redmi 9, iPhone 5S & iPhone Spare Parts(Free)

    Available Redmi 9 - Rs. 8,200 Rs.7,500- Brand new sealed. Invoice Available. Purchased around Diwali Time. In Warranty. Lot Sold To @subham iPhone 5S - Rs. 3,600 Rs.3,100 - Used. Recently did a screen replacement. Home button does not work. New Screen also has small chip on top left. Else...
  9. T

    FS: Mobile iPhone XR SG 64 GB

    Absolutely mint condition XR with 90% battery health. Comes with a couple of cases. Not a single mark anywhere. Used with a case and skin always. Comes with a nomad leather case, rhinoshield case and another silicone case. @AjaX222 can vouch for condition of phones I keep. Three cases also...
  10. netant

    iOS Battery health 99% after factory reset.

    a little background, - so i have used the new phone (iPhone SE 2020) for about 3 days then I realize it wasn't suiting me. wanted to sell it so i did a factory reset and packed it like new in the box. For some other reason, i decided to keep the phone for some more time and open the box again...
  11. boss.bhavesh2

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 11 Pro in brand new condition!

    Hey guys, up for sale is Apple iPhone 11 pro 64gb. It's an US import. Around a year old. Not sure of exact purchase date. Comes with charger, cable and box, no headphones. Not a mark on phone. 92% batt. Health. Thanks for looking. Great day :D
  12. netant

    FS: Mobile iPhone SE - RED, 128gb [Untouched accessories] 15 days old.

    Product URL- https://www.apple.com/in/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-se/4.7-inch-display-128gb-red 128Gb product RED, The phone is US version ( see image of power adaptor). Accessories were untouched, Have spigen cover form first minute ( included in this deal). Total usage is less than 20 hours...
  13. subham

    FS: Others Lumia 928 motherboard, 7 plus battery, Zenfone max display, htc one m8 sim and many more miscellaneous items

    Nokia Lumia 928 board and body,it was working before the display got broke - rs.500 iPhone 7 plus battery don't know the health but it was extracted from a dead phone, rs.500 Asus Zenfone max original display and touch fully working- rs.800 Lg G3 back cover rs.200 Htc one m8 sim tray and...
  14. andrew327

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone SE 2020 [Black, 64 GB] [Includes EarPods, Power Adapter]

    for sale two months old iphone se 2020 in excellent condition for 26000 shipping extra interested buyer only contact timepass and low ballers stay away
  15. subham

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone X and XS max 64gb Gold fully mint with full kit

    Apple iPhone XS max used by my elder sister Absolutely mint and beautiful 90% health Perfect condition with full kit box charger earphone , it's approx 15 months old Apple iPhone x Silver 64gb mint with kit 28k More than a year old box charger earphone only
  16. MarioBros

    FS: Mobile iPhone X - 64gb White in excellent condition

    Selling my iPhone X 64gb White color in scratch less condition. Phone is 2 years old and perfectly working, not even a single issue Including Box and Charger (no lightning cable), 3.5mm converter and two cases.
  17. starlord

    FS: Others Miscellaneous items For Sale

    Selling Some Miscellaneous items most of them are unused & some of them are sealed please find the details below 1) Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Generation - Sealed Pack Price - 2000 2) USB Cables Type A - Sold 3) USB Cable Type C - Sold 4) HP Wireless Mouse Sealed Pack - Sold 5) Thrumm...
  18. bhati

    FS: Mobile Iphone 11 128gb 50 days old in warranty

  19. bhati

    FS: Mobile Iphone 7 256gb matte black 15k

    Hit me up with offers we might strike a deal Accessories-box,datacable, case worth 1k https://ibb.co/7NDZ3J6 https://ibb.co/wJhbL4Z https://ibb.co/G7CNBNW https://ibb.co/kgfc7d8 https://ibb.co/dKHHjLB https://ibb.co/zr457RL https://ibb.co/sqRrXZz https://ibb.co/2qh70nm https://ibb.co/cThTWVB...
  20. sid1712

    FS: Mobile iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold

    iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold Selling only the phone, don't really have the earphones or the charger brick. Still using the cable. The phone was used with a case and tempered glass all its life and used by my mom so its in a good condition considering its age. Battery health is 91% with no signs of...