1. Titokhan

    FS: Software Genuine Volume Licensed Software: Windows 11/10, Microsoft Office for Mac, WinRAR, Nitro PDF, XYplorer, VMware Workstation Pro & more

    Unlike typical retail licensed software packages, their volume licensed counterparts offer better value in the long run. In most of the cases, there's no need to maintain a subscription, which means end users can enjoy the perpetual license through the complete life cycle of the product. They...
  2. Futureized

    DVD Videos with Audio (converted to .iso format) convert to high quality .mkv or similar videos to watch on large TV.

    Hello, I have converted by brothers marriage DVDs (Around 5 DVDs) to .iso format and made a soft copy of same (in case DVD gets corrupted). We plan to watch this .ISO files using VLC on TV (via samba protocol), but .iso files cannot be played directly from PC on TV.. We dont have a DVD...