led monitor

  1. blackhorn

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG LED 20 inch monitor 1600x900

    Up or sale is my LG LED monitor 1600x900 resolution. Condition: 2.5/5 (mostly due to age) Was bought in 2015, I do have the bill. No issue except maybe the buttons have some dust, and may not respond on one click. DVI and VGA input only so please keep that in mind. Expected: 3k(including DVI...
  2. MarioBros

    FS: Monitor and LCD LG 24" LED IPS monitor with speaker - Warranty

    Selling on behalf of a colleague LG 24" LED IPS monitor with speaker - 24MP88HV Monitor is 11 months old, purchased from Amazon, warranty expires Mar 08th 2024 Includes Power adapter & HDMI cable, no box. Location - Bangalore Specs IPS Panel - 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz Model - 24MP88HV...
  3. kazstar101

    WTB Monitor 1080P IPS panel under warranty within 5-7k

    22 to 24 inch full hd monitor will work
  4. sanjeevram

    FS: Monitor and LCD SAMSUNG 23.5 inch Full HD Monitor

    https://www.flipkart.com/samsung-23-5-inch-full-hd-monitor-ls24f356fhwxxl/p/itm348c0869982d5 Strictly local sale. Can deliver anywhere in Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai. Comes with the original box, the plastic covers are still there. Open to negotiations
  5. bruxal

    WTB A Full HD monitor/TV

    I'm looking to buy either a used monitor or a TV for my room. Needs to be at least 24" and 1080p. Budget is 5-7k.
  6. S

    WTB led monitor, cabinet, hhd 1tb, keyboard, ups - Used but with warrenty items

    led monitor - lg or dell hhd - 1tb cabinet & ups keyboard pc coolers - 3 in quantity if possible to have gtx 960 2gb do let me know, feel free to response me here or even PM me with prices and your available location
  7. A

    FS: Monitor and LCD Superb Samsung Synchmaster 206BW

    Samsung monitor Synchmaster 206BW 2ms response time Dynamic contrast 3000:1 Home use. Perfect working. No performance issues. Selling as upgraded to bigger monitor Mumbai Local Buyers prefered.
  8. thox

    FS: Monitor and LCD Acer S231HL 23" LED Monitor

    For Sale ! Acer S231HL 23" LED Monitor Product Name:- Acer S231HL 23" LED Monitor Manufacturers code & URL: https://www.techenclave.com/community/threads/is-acer-s231hl-23-led-monitor-a-good-buy.98686/ Expected Price: Rs 4000/- SOLD to @aalaap Time of Purchase: Oct 2010. Company...
  9. S

    FS: Desktops Custom High-end Gaming Rig PC (with 32" Sony LED Monitor!)

    Hi, I put this rig together about 3 years ago. Nobody ever enters my room without saying "Wow! What the hell is that!". I use it for light gaming, video editing, 3D modelling, although it's capable of a lot more. I assembled it myself, carefully sourcing each item at the best price. Do Google...