macbook air

  1. egobrain.exe

    FS: Laptop SOLD | Apple MacBook Air M1 - Brand New Condition / 6 Months-old / 3-Year Apple Care Plus

    Hello TE members, Putting up on sale my Apple MacBook Air M1 version bought in Oct 2022. My employers gave me this, but I have hardly used this as I prefer doing my work on my MacBook Pro. This was hardly used, only for Zoom meetings and when needed to access company files through their...
  2. S

    FS: Laptop Apple MacBook Air

    MacBook Air 2017 (box and charger included) - Intel i5 1.8 GHz + 8GB RAM + 128GB SSD - India bought - Battery runs perfectly - Personally used - Laminated since day 1 Lamination from the deck taken off for sale and pictures. Lamination on screen. Laminated top and bottom. - 9/10 condition...
  3. MarioBros

    FS: Laptop MacBooks (M1 and Intel versions)

    Selling Two Macbooks 1). MacBook Air M1 Silicon - 256gb, 8GB RAM, Space Grey. Above device 3 months old and is in Warranty till September 22nd 2023 Comes with Original 30W Charger & cable & Box. Battery Cycle - 27 Price - 70000/- 2). MacBook Air 2019 model - i5 Intel, 256gb, 8GB RAM, Space...
  4. everythingeek

    FS: Laptop 2015 Macbook Air ( i5 4GB 128GB)

    Selling my 2015 MacBook Air Model A1466, it needs a new battery other than that works perfectly Perfect for student's better alternative to entry level Chromebooks, it comes with stock charger only. see pic for specs. I'm the 1st owner and it has no knicks or dings on body, as you can see, I...
  5. S

    FS: Laptop MacBook Air M1

    Up for sale is a MacBook Air M1 (8GB/256GB, Space Grey) in very good condition. The original box and accessories are available. It is out of warranty and so I have not uploaded the bill. I can share it with the buyer upon request. Apart from normal signs of use, there is no other physical...
  6. nishthecooldude

    FS: Laptop M1 MacBook Air 8gb 256gb Space grey

    Apple MacBook Air M1 is in pristine condition, no scratch or dent. Sold!
  7. satadru_das

    Budget 41-50k Study/ Office laptop - Portable - bit of fun won't be minded :)

    Hello all, As per my current situation ( early career) I won't be able to settle anywhere for longer time hence need a device which is very portable. Mostly for studying/ research/ coding/ multimedia. Should have good built quality, good battery, good screen, can use anywhere, lightweight...
  8. X-Gamer

    Budget 90k+ Apple MacBook Air m2 or MacBook Pro?

    Hi, Anyone here has any experience using a MacBook air (8core cpu, 10core gpu, m2, 16gb, 512SSD) for software development purpose? does it throttle? any issues? would you recommend getting the Pro (m2, with same spec as air) instead?
  9. MarioBros

    FS: Laptop iPhone 13 & M1 MacBook Air

    1). Apple MacBook Air M1 is in pristine condition, no scratch or dent. MacBook purchased on Aug 13 2021, 12 months old M1 Processor, 256gb, 8GB RAM version. Battery Cycle count - 97 With Box, Original Type C Charger Price - 63000/- 2). 4 months old Apple iPhone 13 - 128gb (Green) purchased...
  10. fistea

    FS: Laptop Macbook Air 2017 ( 2.5 years old) Mint Condition + Accessories

    Selling my Macbook Air (2017 model) - bought in November, 2019. Specs : intel Core i5 - 8gb RAM, 128 GB SSD. Accessories Display Port to HDMI Adapter Apple NGFF to NVME SSD Adapter with screw and screwdriver - to use for capacity expansion Original Box with power extension cable and...
  11. Greyfalcon

    FS: Laptop Macbook Air 2017 Core i5

    Want to sell a friend's macbook Air, 2017 model. Its in pretty good condition as it was sparingly used. Flipkart link Price is negotiable
  12. Nalin

    FS: Laptop MacBook Air M1

    In warranty MacBook Air M1 Space Grey purchased from Flipkart in December, 2021. No dents, scratches whatsoever. Bill, box and accessories available. Price is non-negotiable. PM for queries.
  13. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Laptop Macbook Air M1 (2020) 8GB/512GB

    Up for sale is a like new condition Macbook Air 2020 : 8GB RAM, 512GB storage. (Selling on behalf of a friend). The thing is neat, like new absolutely - battery cycle is a mere 4! Thing has barely been used. No scratches or marks or anything at all. Comes with the charging cable and USA...
  14. ayaskant12

    FS: Laptop MacBook Air M1 256gb 8gb

    21st March warranty expired Spotless. Absolutely minimally used, nothing more than word processing and 4-5 videos edited in this year. Taken care like a baby. Letting go to get back into windows domain again as Macos is excellent workhorse but bit boring without a touch screen(basically khujli...
  15. MarioBros

    FS: Laptop iPhone 13 & M1 MacBook Air

    1). Apple MacBook Air M1 is in pristine condition, no scratch or dent. MacBook purchased on Aug 13 2021, so another 3+ months Apple warranty remaining. M1 Processor, 256gb, 8GB RAM version. Price - 67000/- 2). 20 days Apple iPhone 13 - 128gb (Green) purchased from Dubai, 11+ months Apple...
  16. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Laptop Macbook Air 2017 i5 8GB 128GB

    Item for Sale : Apple Macbook Air 2017 Asking Price : Rs. 38,000/- Item Location : Kolkata, WB. Item's Age & its Description : Bought in early 2019. Are you the original owner of the item being sold? Yes. Do you have the original Bill? No. Objects included for listed item : Macbook, Charger, Og...
  17. mach9

    FS: Laptop Early 2014 Apple Macbook Air: Intel Core i5 Mint Condition barely used

    Selling off my early 2014 Macbook Air. It's barely been used all these years as I was based outside the country and nobody else really used Mac in the house. Condition is literally MINT. It's been lying around unused ever since. Mostly lazy to get around to selling this. It has been service...
  18. rajeshk

    WTB Looking for a used apple macbook air

    Looking for a used / refurb good condition Apple Macbook air. 13.3" 5th Gen onwards 8 GB 256B ( 128B will do if given further cost reduction) 75% + battery health With charger Budget around 30K I am at Mumbai Thankyou
  19. egobrain.exe

    FS: Laptop Macbook Air - M1 | 6 Months Old - Brand New Condition - Hardly Used

    APPLE MacBook Air M1 - (8 GB/256 GB SSD/Mac OS Big Sur) MGN63HN/A This laptop is as good as new and hardly used. Bought it as a secondary laptop for work and now sitting idle. With bill, box and accessories (charger) - 6 months of Apple Warranty remaining, bought on 5th June 2021. ABSOLUTELY...
  20. Saito

    Budget 31-40k looking to buy used macbook Air 2017

    I'm looking to buy a used macbook Air, the 2017 model with the USB ports. Very low on budget and other laptops in the 30,35-40k range seem to be of very poor quality or compromising on features. Can someone please tell me what to look for and what all to consider or if there are any alternative...