1. K

    FS: Laptop Microsoft surface pro 5 with pen, surface keyboard and usb hub

    Bought from a friend The keyboard has uneven feel at the edges due to detoriation of the material Selling this as I am using my ipad pro more often or the laptop
  2. Titokhan

    FS: Software Genuine Volume Licensed Software: Windows 11/10, Microsoft Office for Mac, WinRAR, Nitro PDF, XYplorer, VMware Workstation Pro & more

    Unlike typical retail licensed software packages, their volume licensed counterparts offer better value in the long run. In most of the cases, there's no need to maintain a subscription, which means end users can enjoy the perpetual license through the complete life cycle of the product. They...
  3. gamingstill

    FS: Others Cheap skype coupons $10

    ;)For Sale ;) PRICE : Rs 555 each, buy 3 for Rs 1650/- Coupon 1 : Sold Coupon 2 : Sold. Coupon 3 : Sold.