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  1. Digigear

    Flutter vs React Native

    I'm a web app developer and I've had experience with both React and Angular. I prefer Angular. And I'm starting to get into mobile app development. My options are Flutter or React Native. I've gone through several of the comparison articles to see which one I should get into, but thought I'd...
  2. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Mobile Redmi Note 3 - 3GB RAM/ 32GB Internal Memory- Explorer Edition

    Xiaomi Redmi note 3 Explorer Edition IMP: This product comes with a factory unlocked bootloader. I will be shipping it out as is. Meaning, it has TWRP installed to prevent any future Mi update from locking the boot loader This is an explorer edition piece, only a 100 odd pieces are available...
  3. Stanley Rudee

    Has anyone used Voltu to get money from review mobile game?

    I came across a guy from YouTube reviewing Game of War android via this Voltu network? He said that if i click the link and install the game he will get money. I am starting my YouTube channel now and want to earn something. Anyone used it before? Is it good and worth the time? I think this is...
  4. A

    Android Does any app uses IMEI

    Hi I recently lost my phone and have lodged a police complaint. Police says it may be traced if it comes online. But that is like a needle in a haystack ?? I was wondering if any app uses or monitors/saves phone IMEI number when a use installs it. I mean apps like Amazon, PayTM, snapdeal etc. If...