need advice

  1. yp714

    Budget 90k+ Need advice on first premium laptop

    Hi all, I am a newbie to the world of premium/gaming laptops. Have used a run of the mill dell inspiron laptop (i5/4GB/2GB graphics) and have played some games like the old assassin's creed/NFS games before. I am considering a laptop under 1.2-1.3L for an upgrade now. My requirements are: 1...
  2. ankur1211

    Experience with Aliexpress racing wheels - Cheaper options ?

    Since branded Racing wheel setups are quite costly, and the experience with Keyboards for racing games, and even with controllers suck to be honest. So, I was curious if there are people who have firsthand experience with the Racing wheels from Aliexpress, as there are lots of cheaper options...
  3. krishna_chennai

    Need Advice- Router for Home - ADSL + Fiber

    Hi All, I am planning to replace by good old Belkin Router with a faster one given my infra (read gadgets) at home has seen a change. Managed to zero on the following requirements: Budget - upto 7k ADSL & Fiber Router. The one that takes LAN cables also as input in addition to phone cables...