pc buying advice

  1. J

    Budget 90k+ New PC - 5600x / 5900x / 3900xt

    Hey Thinking of refreshing a old 4670 system this month, I use my PC for - programming, VMs (linux and system admin stuff), movies, browsing and some RTS games like Age of Empires 3 (2-3 hours gaming a week). Confused if I should get a 5600x (27,300 INR ) or a 5900x (49,600 INR), know they are...
  2. C

    Budget 51-70k Buying a Pc for first time

    My Budget for the Pc is around 50k-80k? Looking to play Battle Royal Games like fortnite,apex and also action games like GTA,Batman Also looking for min of 120 fps Where should i buy the components from online or store in Chennai? Thanks in Advance
  3. R

    Budget 21-30k Old or new setup for utube hd streaming

    Hi , I thank u all who gives a helping advice to the seekers. Pls suggest I m kinda cash crunched, as old PC crashed n need to live stream Roblox gaming in hd on YouTube. Preferred budget 20k, options as below 1. Should I buy Any good i7 laptop used from nehruplace for 20k . 2. Or should I...
  4. KrAwL1125

    Budget 41-50k Photo and Video Editing PC - HELP!

    Hey guys, I need to build a PC for photo and video editing (mostly photo). I want a nice, large IPS panel to go with it. Hardware required: 1. Processor (Ryzen would be amazing if possible) 2. Motherboard 3. RAM (8 gigs will do) 4. GPU 5. Power Supply 6. Case 7. Monitor Budget: 50k I'll be...
  5. K

    Budget 41-50k Need gaming CPU under 50k | Ryzen build

    What is your budget? 50K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel i5 2500k Motherboard - Intel® Desktop Board DP67BGB3 GPU - xfx amd radeon 6870 RAM - corsair 4gb x 2 Monitor - Dell IN2020 PSU - Cooler master rs600w Cabinet- Cooler...