1. y2s

    FS: Others Orange Pi, Sannce 360 Camera

    Great Raspberry Pi alternatives. I use Orange Pi's for several projects where I don't need a raspberry pi. For eg. These can be used for octoprint or Pihole etc - Orange Pi Win Plus ₹2,500 (Sealed Pack - Brand New in Box) This is capable of running Android TV too Sold to @tech.monk Orange...
  2. K

    PiHole should be a must

    Didnt see PiHole being discussed so .... After using PiHole on a Pi from last one week i feel it should be a mandatory equipment in everyone's home network if it has more than 3/4 devices including mobiles , TAB or PC. The amount of queries it has been blocking in my network is insanely at...
  3. vaalkai

    Esxi and pfsense

    Hi, i am planning to change my current router from Tp link mr3420 to either pfsense or SophosXG, instead of running the software directly i am planning to virtualize it on Esxi so i can run other applications also. For eg i may run PiHole as an additional instance, or use Pfsense as the firewall...