1. mutant

    FS: Consoles Sony PS3 12GB Slim

    Total usage less than 10 hours. In perfect condition. Comes with 1 original controller and original accessories. Also, I will give 1 week testing warranty from my end.
  2. S

    FS: Games MGS4 Limited Edition Box USA

    Selling my MGS 4 LE edition box slipcase with Artwork on the box by Yoji Shinkawa and 2 Bonus Disc containing original MGS4 ost disc and “making of” Blu-ray Disc ( no game) the front art work has metal like feel. Rs 4500. Plus 100 Shipping. you can buy with entire collection of mgs limited...
  3. ayaskant12

    FS: Consoles Ps4 pro and Ps3

    This is from a friend who moved out of India recently and handed over to sell these off. Presently in Visakhapatnam I have no clue with gaming consoles resale pricing so if you feel it's high lemme know by PMs These things are heavy and I would prefer a local sale in Visakhapatnam 1. PS3 has 3...
  4. R

    How to protect PS3 from Power Surge?

    So recently I bought a used PS3 for my nephew. But within 2 months it stopped working. Took it to nearby service center and they said that the power fluctuations has cause the internals to bust and it costed us around 3.5k to repair it. Now that it is repaired and back with us, what should we...
  5. techno_funky

    FS: Consoles PS3 Games for Sale

    Hi, Would like to sell the following games - The Last Of Us Sold The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Uncharted Drakes Fortune Sold Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception - Game of the Year Edition Sold Beyond Two Souls Sold Splinter Cell Blacklist Fifa 13 All 300rs each, shipping from Mumbai.
  6. S

    FS: Consoles (Sold) PS3 250gb Rs 8000

    Selling my over 3 years Used Ps3 250 Gb. Used Av cable, Controller and Usb cable to charge controller. All working fine. The controller has no issues except for the analog being little sticky. Console works perfectly other than GoW3 I never recall having issue with any games. It was not even...
  7. L

    FS: Others CableZ

    Putting up for sale plethora of cables. Some are generic, some are OEM. Some are run of the mill, some are exotic. All are in working condition but bit janky due to long storage. All prices mentioned are inclusive of shipping via Speed Post. No warranty on any of the items but will provide...
  8. K

    FS: Games FS 3 PS3 GAMES CHEAP(wwe 13, dead space and godfather)

    Dead Space 200 Wwe 13 300 Godfather Dons Edition 500 Take all together for 700. Looking for quick sale. Battlefield 3 250 @RedCardRef Splinter Cell Blacklist @RedCardRef Assassins Creed Americas saga (3, Black flag and liberation) 400 on hold Riddick 250 @prakhargr8 Wwe 12 @RedCardRef...
  9. S

    FS: Games [Sold]5 Ps3 Games For just 1500 -

    All Sold To RedCardRef. Payment received. Will ship soon. Otherwise Selling 5 Ps3 games for Rs 400 each. ( God of war 3, Rnc : Tools of destruction, infamous 2, heavy rain, Xcom) Shipping Rs 60 extra.( indian speed post) Buy all for just Rs 1500( thats one game free) shipping Rs 100 extra...
  10. freelancer

    FS: Consoles PS3 Superslim 500gb

    selling my 3 yrs old ps3 superslim 500 gb console. comes with two barely used controllers and two games - uncharted 2 and watch dogs. no box or bill. location : bengaluru
  11. S

    FS: Consoles Playstation 3 12GB -11000, Brand New.

    Hello, Brand New Ps3 12GB . (no games with it.) Prefer Kolkata buyer. Outstation buyer Rs 700 shipping extra and I will pack and ship it properly but risk is with buyer. So Kolkata buyer prefer for Delhi and Chandigarh also it may be possible for me to handover in person as i keep travelling...
  12. Y

    WTB Looking for PS3 with two controllers in Bangalore

    Looking for PS3 with two controllers and games in Bangalore at a reasonable price. Must have firmware version 4.86 or below. Please message.
  13. Radioactive_guy

    FS: Consoles PS3 320 GB [SOLD]

    Selling my PS3 320 GB with 3 controllers , PS eye and a move controller , the bluray drive doesn't read discs , its running a Hybrid FW (PS3 HEN) , you can install games with your game backups(wink wink) or buy it from PS store if you're a madlad , It has 12 games installed on it right now ...
  14. Futureized

    How can i confirm if my PS3 is dead or having power issues ? Trying on 60" smart/android ONIDA tv but wont connect.

    Ps3 worked fine on old Samsung 32" tv, but cannot connect on this new TV.. Is PS3 dead or tv issues or i cannot understand ? Used to connect via HDMI on old Samsung 32" TV.
  15. S

    FS: Consoles Brand New PS3 ( Price Dropped) and Games Sold.

    Ps3 12gb - Rs16000 with 5 games . Since all 5 Games are Sold I have reduced the price of the Console to Rs 14000( Kolkata Buyer Preferred) Shipping Extra for outstation buyer Rs 750 Games- Demon Souls, Gt5, RnC -Crack in the time, Journey Ps3 Collection,God of war 3. 12gb Ps3 brand new (...
  16. D

    WTB Playstation 3 Slim Console (Without Accessories)

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy a used PS3 Slim Console Preferably (sealed, i.e. never opened for repairs) and from Series CECH-2000 or 2100 series would be best. Please Note: Accessories like controller, power cable, HDD are not required. Only the working console will do. Budget: 7k or less. PM...
  17. P

    Old consoles, microconsoles, Wii U, PS3, Kinect adapter

    Looking to buy old/retro consoles especially the NES, US SNES, Sega Genesis, PSOne etc. Microconsoles like the SNES/NES/PSX Classic. Wii U 32GB. PS3 60GB (with PS2 backwards compatibility) Please PM me. Also looking to buy the legit version of the Xbox One X/S Kinect Adapter. Product details...
  18. I

    PS3 sports games

    Looking to buy sports games for the ps3 like FIFA, nba etc. Let me know if you have qny.
  19. Futureized

    PS3 Game hangs at certain point always - Disc issue or PS3 ? - God of War Asscension

    Playing God of War Ascension on PS3 and this issue. System freezes at a certain point where Kratos jumps from a bridge. Played this game 2 years but did not complete it and starting same again.. Problem is game hangs exactly here: Video from youtube. Game hangs exactly at 20:07 when kratos...
  20. E

    Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue

    Hey gamers! So I am undertaking a project wherein I have a 5 question survey asking about gamers getting eye fatigue when playing for a long period. Link: This basically asks you about eye fatigue when you game and if & how much you're willing to spend to...