ps4 slim

  1. P

    FS: Consoles WTS / FS PS4 SLIM 1TB 3 games bundle

  2. B

    WTB PS4 Normal/ Slim 500 gb/ 1TB

    Location Thane, Mumbai. Console must be clean and in good condition. Extra controller would be nice but not really needed.
  3. exotech

    FS: Consoles [SOLD] Playstation 4 Slim 1TB with 6 Games

    SOLD on OLX
  4. Channu

    WTB Playstation 4 Slim or Pro

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a PS4 to play a few games. An invoice copy to ascertain the age of console will certainly be appreciable. Expected Price that I'm willing to pay Slim 1TB - Upto Rs 15K depending on condition & bundling (negotiable) Pro 1TB - Upto Rs 20K (non-negotiable coz I don't...
  5. C

    FS: Consoles Ps4 Slim 500Gb with AC Odyssey (For Kolkata Pickup) Rs.16000

    Selling my Ps4 Slim 500Gb updated to 8.00 firmware. CONDITION: This Ps4 is used primarily to play exclusives as I prefer PC gaming. This should give you an idea of how less it has been used. Otherwise it usually just lies around untouched. Has minor scratches. WARRANTY: Nope REPAIR/SERVICE...
  6. freelancer

    FS: Consoles PS4 slim 500gb bundle

    selling my PS4 500gb console, around 2 years old, used mainly to play exclusives titles. bundle includes : 1. console 2. 2 controllers ( 1 slightly used, other one never used.) 3. box and all accessories included 4. 4 games : dmc5, re biohazard, SOTR, fifa price : sold to @Pardeep Bansal...
  7. D

    FS: Consoles Ps4 slim 500gb

    Console is working completely fine without any issues whatsoever. No heating issues. Latest firmware (8.03) updated. Contents Include - 1PS4 500 GB Console , 1 HDMI Cable , 1 Power Cord , 1Dualshock 4 Controller. Was bought in May 2019 so not that old. Shipping: Local Pickup...
  8. D

    WTB Looking for PS4 pro

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a PS4 pro as my first console and my budget is around 20000 please let me know if you have one and are willing to sell I earlier made a post about Xbox but since then changed my mind so, make an offer and thanks in advance
  9. M

    FS: Consoles PS4 slim 1 tb DAYS OF PLAY EDITION

    PS4 slim 1 tb DAYS OF PLAY EDITION 9 months in mint condition with one controller power cord hdmi cable and 12 offline games - NO DISCS games list 1. GOW 4 2.The Last of us Remastered 1 3. The Surge 4.Darksoul;s Remastered 5.RDR2 6. Sniper Elite 4 7.Batman Arkham Knight 8.Uncharted 1 2 3 parts...
  10. H

    FS: Consoles PS4 Slim 500Gb & StrikePack FPS Dominator Modpack

    Hello everyone, I am selling my PS4 Slim 500gb and Collective minds Strikepack FPS Dominator with mod central subscription. I do not have the ps4 box but I will pack it as best as I can. Price PS4 Slim - 17500rs StrikePack fps Dominator - 5500rs Combo - 22500rs Shipping service - DTDC...
  11. ! 0 t A

    Sony unveils two new PS4 consoles

    Sony has unveiled (in line with market expectations) two new versions of the PS4. 1. PS4 Pro : The console will complement the standard PS4 and sit alongside it. The name was picked to show that it is part of the current version of the console, but aimed at the higher-end gamers. It is not an...