1. Crapmypants

    Any way around the 5 review limit by google places api

    Hey guys, i need to pull all the google map reviews of one specific establishment but the google places api has a 5 review limit. I know basic python and was hoping to code my own scraper but i can't find much help outside of paid 3rd party tools. (i'm trying to create a table of reviews for...
  2. Veek M

    Veek's Python lessons in English - feedback thread

    So here's a brief sample: kzQcVmZqREdH750anLdZTD2zUINtBFCp5AppLGiD3XA A longer one CHNroGKyNloaU2NKZR3ybHzgnyJrSwCa-ZoKU6_qgCU (the videos need to be downloaded - they don't play in the browser) I was hoping someone with more fancy...
  3. Daniel Zamir

    Looking for people to join our team!

    We are a tech company oriented around a few different products. I am looking for people to join me on my journey in growing my "startup" into what it could be and provide the world with the best technology they need and want! I am currently in need of: - Project leaders/ managers - Programmers...
  4. M

    Automate Login to Tikona Broadband(Python on Windows)

    Hi Everybody, Was bored at home today after I got out of action after a biking accident and so I created an automation process for logging in to Tikona Broadband. I have a download server running on a Atom D1800(which I connect to via mstsc) and my...