raspberry pi

  1. T

    FS: Photography [SOLD] Sony PlayStation (PS3) Eye (Pi accessory)

    I had purchased this several years back to use with my Pi. Although the camera is VGA, it has a six microphone array and works natively with Linux. Great for most image and voice recognition projects. Update: Sold, dispatched and received by buyer
  2. superczar

    FS: Others (Sold) Complete Raspberry Pi Touchscreen desktop - Rpi 4 with official Touchscreen Display, 32GB Samsung Evo, official power supply and case

    This is an unusual sale - but here goes :) : To be sold as a bundle as nothing in here is of any other use except maybe the Samsung Evo 1) Raspberry Pi 4 2GB 2) Pi foundation official Touchscreen display 3) Official USB C power supply 4) Case (multicomp Pro) for a touchscreen setup 5) Samsung...
  3. C

    FS: Home Audio Video Odroid C2/ Raspberry pi B+/ Mecool KM9 Android TV Box/Mini M8S Android TV box/ ATSC tuner

    Playstation Vita TV with no other cables (It uses 5V power adapter which you will have to supply) : Rs. 5000 1 PS3 controller for Rs. 700 if bought with Vita TV Mecool KM9 S905X2 Android TV Box with power cable and remote: Rs. 3000 Odroid C2 S905 with case and USB cable for power: Rs. 3500...
  4. T

    FS: Others [SOLD] Raspberry Pi 4 4GB + Argon One Case + 15W adapter + Type-C and micro HDMI cables

  5. rehankum

    FS: Others (SOLD) Raspberry Pi 3b

    Works perfectly, This is Pi 3b (not 3b+) and has 100 Mbps ethernet 8 GB SanDisk SD card included, no other accessories are included.
  6. interstellar-sama

    WTB Development boards

    Looking to get a development board. Preferably STM32 (Dsicovery e.t.c.), or Chinese huawei based too. Pi or alternative boards will also work. Aliexpress shipping will take time, hence need to get locally. Used in good condition is fine.
  7. T

    FS: Others [SOLD] Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 with Layers case

  8. iosoft

    WTB Raspberry Pi 3 B+

    Hello, I want to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to setup a RetroPi system. Location: Kolkata Preferred courier: DTDC Preferred payment: UPI or Paytm
  9. I

    FS: Others Selling Raspberry Pi Kit, WD Blue M.2 500GB SSD, Logitech G-402 Gaming Mouse

    Hello everyone, I am selling my 3 individual items: 1) Raspberry Pi 3B+ kit which includes: (almost new) Raspberry Pi 3B+ (Heatsink installed already with thermal paste) Official Element14 Power supply for Raspberry Pi QuadStore transparent case with Fan (Heatsink came with the case) Price...
  10. 6pack

    Raspberry Pi 4 announced with 4K support and up to 4GB of RAM

    https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-4-model-b/ Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB - Rs. 3,960 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB - Rs. 3,240 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB - Rs. 2520 India prices from - https://www.silverlineelectronics.in/raspberry-pi-4-model-b-4gb.html
  11. A

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (IoT Kit), Fossil Q Marshal SmartWatch, Kindle Basic 7th Gen

    Hi Folks, Looking to sell a couple of unused tech that's been lying around for a while. 1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (IoT Kit) - Rs. 3000 Kit includes the following from this link: (Along with the camera module) https://potentiallabs.com/cart/raspberry-pi-3-iot-starter-kit-online-india Had...
  12. Emrebel

    Rpi 3B/3B+ for project

    Hey, I am looking for RPi 3B/3B+ for my project. If anyone got one to sell..feel free to send pm and quote your price and location. I am also looking for fpv cameras..
  13. T

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 2 v1.1 with Layers Case and optional 32 GB, Triple-Boot MicroSD Card

    I had purchased it as a hobbyist a little over 2 years ago and had tinkered with it for a while using Raspbian before eventually setting it up as a HTPC/retro-console. However, I really didn't need the Pi for that use case since I already had more powerful devices for the job. Hence, the device...
  14. drone

    CPU/Mobo Build your own supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi boards

    Hi Guys was Googling and found this interesting Tutorial Hope that Sheds a lot of light on Raspbians . Source : http://www.meccanismocomplesso.org/en/cluster-e-programmazione-in-parallelo-con-mpi-e-raspberry-pi/
  15. superczar

    FS: Motherboard Raspberry Pi 2 and B+

    For sale are few Raspberry PIs Raspberry Pi 2 (2000/-) Raspberry Pi B+ (1500/-) All are in Perfect working condition Reason for sale: The Pi B+ were being used for Kodi and were later upgrade to Pi 2 Recently upgraded all Kodi boxes to NUCs (needed 4K HEVC support) I am putting up the pic...
  16. itspriyank

    How to diy a steam downloader headless?

    You know how fast internet connections are in India and I usually find myself in a fix - should I leave my PC on for 2-3 days to download a 30 -40 gb game(s). Power consumption and Rs. 9 / unit ...... So is there a way to build a steam headless downloader like people have for torrents using...
  17. D

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB with Bundle

    Raspberry Pi 2 - MODB - 1GB - Quad core with Black case.Heat Sink and 8gb Micro Sd card As the tittle Suggest.Got it from Amazon on 1st October.Brand new and unused.Brought a black case,heat sinks and 8gb mmc card which is included.Card heatsink and Case is fitted.Did not even turn on for 1...
  18. S

    CPU/Mobo has there been any raspberry pi versus traditional systems fight ?

    Hi all, Got a bit of daring after seeing the Pi thread on the forum. Now I want to know does anybody know of any face-offs between Pi Model B versus say a Celeron haswell or pre-haswell as well. In some ways it probably is laughable as the Pi is a single board computer whereas even the...