1. napstersquest

    Using Gigabit Router as a switch

    I have Asus AiMesh setup (wired backhaul) with couple of AC-59U V2 routers, and have another spare Tp-Link AC1200 (A6) lying around. The table in the bedroom has a NAS, XBox, My PC, Work laptop and LG TV which I would like to connect with wire. Currently the work laptop is connected via WiFi. I...
  2. buzz88

    FS: Networking Router & Switch Clearance - TP-Link TL-R605, Archer C80, Archer C64, Archer C6 V2 & Gigabit switches

    Hi, Putting up for sale all the routers and switches I'm currently using. REASON FOR SALE : Planning an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 soon. Some models are in-warranty and some are not. Please check details for more. All out-of-warranty items have 3-day testing warranty from my side. Shipping at...
  3. Prosenjit

    OpenBox Products

    We have prepared a public google sheet (only view, no comments, no edit) for all types of OpenBox products. Our team will update this list on regular basis. Please review that list and select your desired model and quantity. After that, you can post here for the actual images and expected...
  4. L

    FS: Others APC br1500g-in, 15.6 diy monitor, TP link wr740-n, Gelid GP-extreme thermal pads, thermal paste

    Product Name: APC BR1500g-in Expected Price: Rs 7500 Manufacturer page URL: Description: Went faulty in June 2022 with f2 error. Apc quoted 12k for repairs...
  5. Haste

    FS: Networking Routers Netgear R6220 (openwrt), Tenda, Totolink

    Selling Multiple routers as below. All of them are in perfect working condition. Just selling because not being used anymore as upgraded Wifi6 routers recently Netgear R6220 Wireless Gigabit Dual Band (2.4/5GHZ) AC Router Price: 2000/- Date of purchase: 22-May-2022 Original box/Invoice...
  6. D

    FS: Networking Routers and Repeaters

    D-Link 850L Gigabit Router - Rs. 1200 Huawei Repeater - Rs. 700
  7. B

    FS: Others Diwali Electronics Clearance Sale!

    1. Logitech G402 Price: 899/- Date of purchase: 11-01-2019 Original box: Yes Condition: 2/5 Note: Mouse is working excellently. I have not faced any double click issue with this mouse. Regarding physical condition, on the thumb side rubber is wearing out. I have tried my best to clean the...
  8. deusExMachina

    FS: Others clearing out my closet, multiple items for sale (peripherals, a phone, routers)

    Routers: D-Link DIR-615 : The router and the wall wart is available. No box. Expected price : RS 600 TP-Link WR841N : The router has openwrt installed and comes with the wall wart in a box. Expected price : RS 800 Network card: D-Link DWA-525 PCI Wifi card : This is a PCI (not PCIe) card. A...
  9. terence_fdes

    FS: Networking ASUS RT-N14U Wireless-N Cloud 300 Mbps Router

    ASUS RT-N14U Wireless-N Cloud 300 Mbps Router 2.4 GHz Black Was used 24x7 and rarely switched off. Rugged and Robust. Has an amazing range of over 80-100 feet. Signals cover an entire house (2-4 BHK) effortlessly.
  10. karans

    FS: Others Further Clearance - Wless router/modem/gamepad/mouse/broken keyyboards

    Gigabyte Force K83 with cherry red keys (DEAD) Strictly for switches salvage or keycaps. I bought this to salvage cherry switches to be used in the custom arcade stick project. I must have damaged the PCB to the point that I later tried to put back some switches and get it to work but it...
  11. M

    FS: Networking TP-Link N600 router (WDR3600)

    Router probably has OpenWRT installed. So, if you want TP link's software, you may have to reset and upload official firmware
  12. B

    ACT Fiber damages router

    I have TP Link Deco M4 router connected directly to ISP i.e ACT fibernet. There was a rain and lightining yesterday in our location and since then there was no internet in my home. I have 3 Deco M4 units to have a mesh network. The unit which is connected to the ACT Fibernet is no more...
  13. raf1988

    FS: Others MOTU M2 AudioInterface + Netgear / ASUS Routers + TP-Link WiFi Range Extenders + Kinivo BT + TwelveSouth HiRise iPhone Stand + Mous iPhone 12/Pro Case

    MOTU M2 USB-C Audio Interface Price - ₹14,500 Sealed (Brand New) Condition - 5/5 Sealed (Brand New) Reason for Sale - Not suiting my needs, this is mostly for professional audio production. But can be used as a DAC just by itself. Will be looking to purchase something else. Purchase Date -...
  14. D

    FS: Networking Dlink DIR 825 Gigabit router

    Dlink router, used for roughly 2 years. Don't have the box.. Have power brick, Ethernet cable and router itself Bump! I hope i have priced it reasonably Bump!
  15. napstersquest

    Onemesh with two routers? Alternative?

    I have Airtel Xstream fiber with the Nokia router, and another Archer C80 currently in Access point mode. So I bought an Archer C6 v3.2 thinking I would put the Archer C80 as main router after putting the Nokia router in bridge mode, and could use the Archer C6 in Onemesh with it. But...
  16. puns

    FS: Others Multiple Items (DACs, Headphone, Router, RAM etc.)

    1. Ifi Zen Can Headphone Amplifier - Purchased April 2022. Upgraded to Tube amp hence selling. Sparingly used. Quarter-Inch Headphone Jack missing. Invoice attached. Rs. 13,500 2. Grado Sr-325 Gold Anniversary Edition - Only a few of these were made in the 2000s. Extremely rare now. Works...
  17. Techsallu

    FS: Networking Tp-link AC1900 Touch screen WI-FI router

    Tp link ac1900 dual band gigabit router Touch screen
  18. Trickshot17

    WTB Looking for router with repeater under 500/-

    Looking for used router not older than 2 years to use as repeater.
  19. irfanrafeeq88

    FS: Networking Asus RT AC58U Router & UPS

    Have an Asus RT AC58U 1300 Mbps Router and a 8000 mAh router UPS from (backup is usually around 5 to 6 hours) Both products are in pristine condition and don't even have a scratch. Router Link - UPS Link -...
  20. GeeBee007

    FS: Networking Netgear Nighthawk r7450 AC2600 router

    Around 1.5-2 years old. Also have original box. Works great and in good condition. Selling because moving towards a mesh system. Any price related query drop a PM. Sold