samsung 970 evo

  1. R

    FS: Processor AMD 5950x Processor, 64 GB DDR4 Ram, 1TB 970 Evo NVMe, 2TB Crucial P5 NVMe, MSI Unify x570 Motherboard

    Hi, Selling my entire AM4 Platform. They are not useful for AM5 build. * Attached at least 2 pics for each product * Invoices are available for all except Ryzen 5950x (Requested for the same with TPsTech and will be sold with invoice only), 970 Evo (purchased in US) * Original boxes are not...
  2. ajish65

    FS: Storage Hardware SSDs: Crucial MX500 1000GB 2.5in SATA, Crucial MX300 525GB 2.5in SATA, Samsung 970 EVO 250GB NVMe m.2

    Hello everyone, I upgraded my storage a while back and these have been lying packed ever since. No longer needed. The EVO packaging has a tear in it (can be seen in one of the pics) but the SSD itself is fine and in working condition. Will pack all SSDs well before shipping. Bought at...