1. Ssreek

    Is Amazon becoming like Flopkart or even worse?

    During this sale, I bought many items. But specifically, 3 of the items were not delivered and "being returned to seller". A phone, earbuds and also a Logitech product. All these were bought on different days and the issue happened on different days as well. The products come to my city (Hyd)...
  2. Futureized

    Skill Nation by Jatan Shah AI Workshop SCAM or LEGIT, 14396 Rupees. Includes Office AI 365 for 5 years and ChatGPT 4.x for 2 years with other stuff.

    Yesterday late night, cousin fall in TRAP of this SCAM and made required payment of 14500 apprx includes GST. They claimed to provide a 52 weeks course alongwith the goodies in attachment This also includes free access to Microsoft Office 365 AI apps for 5 years (Microsoft 365 Copilot) and...
  3. iosoft

    Discussion on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds!

    Friends, Now-a-days, there are too many reports on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds! Small/big amounts are being withdrawn without any Card, Mobile, OTP..... just by Aadhaar no and Fingerprint! (God knowns how they get that) Almost every day, there are news of this type of scams! This week there is a...
  4. J

    Purchased an AMD 7950x3D from Amazon (Appario) for 65K. Got an unknown, decade old CPU with a Ryzen sticker on it. The package has t seal intact. Help

    I purchased an AMD 7950x3D CPU from Amazon, which arrived in a sealed box with a visible plastic window. On inspection, it is clearly seen from the window that the CPU inside the box is a counterfeit and used product. The absence of any branding on the CPU, the presence of an unauthorized...
  5. I

    Aman Kumar, IT-TUDE Guy is A Serial Cunning Fraud & Scammer who Robbed many Peoples Money.

    Any feedback on this site ? Perhaps those staying in Gurgaon, if they are aware. All I could find was this -
  6. scott1391990

    Meesho and Shadowfax are scammers. Stay away

    So I ordered 3 kurta sets for my daughter and 1 dhoti kurta for my nephew on 22 March. Received all the items in 4-5 days. 1 kurta set and dhoti kurta set was from a single seller and both were wrong in size and the kurta set was wrong in color as well. I placed an exchange request on 28th March...
  7. Ir0nMerc

    I got scammed by a seller on TE

    I bought a used 1660S from @blitzkrieg96 a few months ago after checking this listing. I paid him via UPI (GPU + half the shipping). He sent the package with Amazon via Shiprocket. The package didn’t get delivered stating the reason “customer refused” even though nobody came to our house. I...
  8. swatkats

    When A TV Buyer was Sold Insurance Policy as Extended Warranty!

    Vinayak Gupta (name changed) bought a Vu brand television (TV) in May 2016 from Chembur-based Kohinoor Televideo Pvt Ltd, with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. While buying the TV, the dealer told Mr Gupta that he could get an extended warranty for the television just by paying Rs4,523...
  9. swatkats

    Be-aware: Sim-Swap/Phishing Money Theft from Bank accounts!

    How This Happened? Bank Robbery Via 6 Missed Calls A businessman, who identified himself as V Shah from Mahim, Mumbai, reported that he lost Rs 1.86 crore, via Missed calls scam. In the night of December 27-28, he received thee 6 missed calls from Indian and UK (+44 code), between 11 PM and...
  10. swatkats

    Telangana CMRF Scam - Even Petitioner warned of sequences

    Telangana minister KT Rama Rao tweeted in April that over 1.2 lakh families in Telangana received Rs 800 crore as assistance from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) between 2015-18. However, an RTI filed by a city-based anti-corruption activist Vijay Gopal in 2015 revealed that the state...
  11. seshu

    Online Consumer Mediation Center

    Online Consumer Mediation Center
  12. R

    Reliablity of online tech stores?

    I have only ever bought one item online, a Corsair VX450 PSU from TheITWares waaay back in 2011. I've seen some people complaining about TheITWares, TheITDepot, PrimeAGB, many complaints were that they just took the money and didnt ship the product. Today, I want to buy some PC parts, and all...
  13. swatkats & Nochex payment gateway scammed me - Avoid them & Nochex review learn more about Scamster Jody Sanders: Guys own alamborghini aventador : I have a Tmobile...