1. N

    WTB screw sets

    i want to buy all common screws comes with pc case m 2x2and all other screw and m.2 standoffs..
  2. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Made in Japan - 6 pc Assorted Precision set - Unboxed with tweezer

    6 Piece assorted Precision set. Made In japan. Swivel top for easy rotation. items in box: 1x No.0 screwdriver 1x No. 1 screwdriver 1x No. 1.4 screwdriver 1x No. 2.0 screwdriver 1x No. 2.4 screwdriver 1x Tweezers. Kindly check the pics for more detailed view of the tools. These are japanese...
  3. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Watsco - Made in USA - Hex Wrench Kit - Part no P - 13

    Unused Hex wrench set for sale.
  4. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others [Unboxed} - 24 Piece Socket Wrench Set - Chrome Vanadium Steel Rust resistant - Elora - Made in Germany

    Kindly note, earlier this was mentioned as 18 Pieces set. That was an error. You can count for yourself the pieces in the picture provided. The previously mentioned set has been sold on another platform. Also note the item weighs 6kgs packed for shipping (or more) yet I am providing free...