1. Digigear

    AliExpress shipping during coronavirus

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place for posting this question. But I ordered a bunch of stuff before the lockdown on AliExpress and they were all shipped. But all of them are stuck in tracking. They're all stuck at the same point - dispatched to destination country. There are no...
  2. fleshfragger

    Need info on couriers that allow liquid in their shipments

    Hello Y'all! :) Afaik, DTDC does not allow liquid in packages sent via them. I have to send few fountain pen ink bottles (pots) and I dont trust speedpost. So any other alternative(s)? I am located in Delhi. Cheers FF
  3. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Tablet Xiaomi Mipad - 16GB Expandable Upto 128GB - Excellent Condition

    Product link: Xiaomi Mipad 7.9 This is the 16GB model. Supports expandable storage upto 128GB. Supports USB OTG out of the box. The screen is an IPS display. The exact resolution is in the product link above. Shipping method: Speed Post (Item will be double boxed)...
  4. R

    Monitors What service to ship an LED monitor?

    I need to ship an 23" LED monitor form Chennai to Delhi. I'm in Delhi so I'd like if the courier guys go to the location to pick up the monitor. Current market cost of the product is around 9.5k. First priority is that it should come undamaged. The monitor is already packaged in the box with...
  5. S

    Camera Sony a6000 + vintage lenses

    hey guys, planning to pick up a sony a6000 soon but i'm having hard time finding reasonably priced lenses for this camera. earlier i had decided to go with samyang 12mm + sigma 19mm + sony 35mm 1.8 but the sigma 19mm is highly overpriced in india, and so is the samyang12mm. (almost double) so...
  6. D

    HELP shipping

    Guys I need to ship my ps3 console from Kolkata to Tamil Nadu I was hoping could anyone guide me on which courier to use at the best possible price??