1. ryu_88

    Streaming live TV channels over the internet on a Samsung TV

    Hey TechEnclave community, I'm at a confusion - I just got a new Samsung TV and am trying to find alternatives to tatasky/other dish/cable TV services - are there any apps/services that let me stream live TV channels over the internet? (looking for indian news and sports channels mainly...
  2. Ky_

    Budget 51-70k Can this laptop handle streaming?

    Wanted to build a pc for gaming, streaming, gfx, and editing but everything's out of stock. so now considering buying a laptop...
  3. K

    FS: Home Audio Video MiBox 4K full box

    Selling my MiBox 4k. I bought this in August last year from my local mi store. Selling because MiBox purpose has been replaced by my new thinkpad NUC and apple tv. Price is inclusive of shipping costs. If you book as buyer using delhivery etc, will reduce from price. Sold to @prime
  4. P

    WTB Google Chromecast Audio

    Looking for multiple units. Please DM if you're selling. Thanks!
  5. Dilbersha

    FS: Office Hardware Logitech c920 Pro HD Webcam

    Logitech partnered with Skype to deliver high-definition 1080p resolution with the C920 webcam Record videos in widescreen Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second The same H.264 encoded compression that enables high-definition video calls with Skype, also lets you capture great videos Smooth video...
  6. napstersquest

    Budget 21-30k 3600 vs 3700X vs 5600X for gaming + streaming

    With the current market, I cannot upgrade my 980Ti any soon and I am willing to upgrade my old 2500K System. On current system (2500K with 980TI) I can play the games but can't stream at all. (I play CS and Apex mostly). I wish to stream on twitch, 1080p60 if possible on the same machine as I...
  7. K

    FS: Home Audio Video Apple TV HD (Not 4k) in warranty

    I am selling my apple tv HD which I bought last week from a reputed member here, and used sparsely. I am only selling it because I wanted to test it for a specific use case, which it could not satisfy effectively. It has a couple of months warranty remaining. Already taking a small loss here so...
  8. V_redz

    Budget 51-70k Build for seperate streaming PC?

    Just need a seperate PC + monitor setup for handling streams only. Games will be played on a seperate PC.
  9. Futureized

    List of free TV content providers in India (youtube, netflix, hotstart, etc.) also rate them as per content.

    I just thought of making a list of all the free content providers for TV in India.. So far in this list: Youtube - free and paid Hotstar - free and paid Jio Cinema - free and paid Alt Balaji - free and paid Eros Now - free and paid Amazon Prime - ? Netflix - ? Kindly help enhance the...
  10. raksrules

    Eros Now Free 1 Year Subscription (Movie / TV Show Streaming)

    Eros Now Free 1 Year Subscription Use Code "EROSVIJAY" while registering. I am in US and was able to register. Not sure if it will work in India but it should. Else use VPN. If you already have an account, try on it else create a new account.
  11. iPwnz, new videogame streaming service
  12. vivek.krishnan

    Court [Delhi HC] Rules Whole Site Blocking Justifiable in Piracy Fight

    Link : TL;DR - This could end up setting a dangerous precedent, mainly because of one infringing URL, an entire site can be blocked. Nothing more than abuse of power, since one URL, does not equate to...
  13. DMD

    Media Server on Old Netbook

    Hi folks, I'm planning to set up a Media server on my old netbook, (Atom 1.5ghz, 2GB RAM) . Looking for suggestions for the same. I have shortlisted Amahi, as it supports NAS and VPN as well. Looking for more options. Regards DMD