1. P

    WTB anyone willing to share a scribd subscription

    I've recently purchased a Scribd subscription, If anyone also needs that also we can split the cost between us. If it's inappropriate to post here mods please remove this.
  2. jammy420

    FS: Others Amazon prime 1 year subscription

    selling my Amazon prime 1 year subscription which I got with my jiofiber as I already got a paid subscription Can activate on your account. will be valid for a year from date of activation.
  3. raksrules

    Eros Now Free 1 Year Subscription (Movie / TV Show Streaming)

    Eros Now Free 1 Year Subscription Use Code "EROSVIJAY" while registering. I am in US and was able to register. Not sure if it will work in India but it should. Else use VPN. If you already have an account, try on it else create a new account.