1. nsas02

    FS: Home Audio Video 10' Pioneer subwoofer & Infinity Primus 2ch amplifier from my car

    Selling my 2 years (around) old 10 Inches Pioneer subwoofer and the 2 Channel Infinity Primus Amplifier that powered it. Recently upgraded/switched to a spare-wheel subwoofer. No boxes, no bill for both the items. They're out of warranty. I swapped them just a week back. I can give 7 days for...
  2. N

    Subwoofer + Bookshelf Pair for Home Gym

    Looking for some powered subwoofer and powered speakers combination that can go well with my cardio playlist that has some high pace music to boot. Subwoofer - JBL LSR 310S Bookshelf - JBL 308P MKII Room Size - 110 SQ. Feet (Approx) Budget - 50K (Open ended) Already have HomePod 2nd Gen in...
  3. Prakhar Srivastava

    WTB Amazon Echo Sub (Alexa Subwoofer)

    Please DM if you're selling. Thanks!
  4. mutant

    FS: Home Audio Video Sony HT-A9 7.1.4ch with Wireless Subwoofer SA-SW5

    Very lightly used and in good condition. Have the bill and box for the HTA9, but not for the subwoofer. Testing warranty of 7 days on subwoofer from my side.
  5. prime

    FS: Home Audio Video Sale Withdrawn

    Sale Withdrawn.
  6. Ankit Manchanda

    FS: Home Audio Video Taga Harmony 5.1 Home Theatre System

    Selling my personal used Home Theatre System Taga Harmony 5.0 606 Special Edition and Taga Harmony SW 10 V2 subwoofer approx 2.5 to 3yrs old.. I am the 1st user of the product. Everything runs fine as it should. Currently using them and looking to upgrade hence selling. Won't be able to...
  7. salman8506

    FS: Home Audio Video Logitech z623

    Selling my trusty old logitech z623, these work absolutely fine after a few years of usage, moving towards proper soundbar audio setup hence wishing to sell, Not shipping these due to size and chance of getting damaged. Local buyers are preferred. Physically a few crayon marks by my kids free...
  8. A

    FS: Home Audio Video Boston Acoustics Subwoofer

    For sale is my boston acoustics subwoofer. I had it repaired last year by paying around 3.5k to Anil (hi tech) in Bangalore. It seems to be the same problem again. Decided to not put in additional money in for the repair this time. Currently it is not working - Not switching on. No other...
  9. mutant

    FS: Home Audio Video Morel 5.1 Speaker set. Open box, new!

    Never opened up the satellites. Only tried the sub. In good condition, and a good little package for anyone in this range. Looks slick! Five satellite speakers with one 8 inch subwoofer
  10. ravin

    FS: Home Audio Video PSB Alpha S10 Subwoofer

    Looking to sell recently bought PSB Alpha S10 Subwoofer in mint condition. I have this subwoofer for about a month and half now and it is absolutely brilliant for music. p.s. in case if anyone is interested, I also have a Dali Spektor 2 bookshelf speakers and fx audio m160e integrated...
  11. hiflier

    FS: Home Audio Video Genelec 8020B Active Powered Studio Monitor Speaker 7040A Subwoofer

    Pair of active powered studio monitor speakers (2 * Gelenec 8020B) Matching powered sub-woofer (1 * Genelec 7040A). Samson make stands for the monitors (1 pair). Super quality balanced Mogami cables with Neutrik connectors (set of 4). Heavy-duty specially made power cables with locking IEC...
  12. technoboy

    BIC America Subwoofers Officially Launched In India

    For years Indian Fans of BIC America could only buy products through foreign websites. This is a long winded process and involves many hassles (Custom duty, Returns, Warranty, repairing, parts etc..) However BIC America has now been Officially Launched here in India. As of now Pristine Note is...