1. H

    Budget 41-50k Need help getting a decent laptop

    What's your Budget? 45,000 - 55,000 INR What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? web browsing with multiple tabs, for watching movies and TV shows on online platfroms, programming on IDEs like PyCharm, attending online lectures, making assignments and presentation on office and some...
  2. creative420

    Budget 15-20K Two phones under 25k (with BBD sale)

    I need to buy my siblings, a brother and a sister, a phone each this Diwali. I got them Realme1 when it launched and they've been happily using it ever since. I want to juice the BBD and Amazon' Great India Sale for great discounts. There's a decent sale at Tata Cliq going on which is going to...
  3. ddesoran9

    Choosing VPN

    Hey everyone! I'm still new at this, but could you suggest me something on choosing vpn? I saw some threads about vpn over here, but it's only old ones and since it's changing so fast, I want some updated opinions. I've heard some good thoughts about nordvpn, but maybe someone's using it and can...
  4. K

    Budget 31-40k Suggestions for a PC for Work

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a PC for office work, and would really appreciate your inputs. My basic requirements and shortlisted products are outlined below. However, I am open to updating my shopping list based on your valuable feedback. Thank you! What is your budget? 40K What is...
  5. N

    Car & Bike Please suggest e-bike for daily use

    Hi, I am planning to buy an ebike for daily use. I need to travel about 20km daily to/from my office. One side journey is 10km. I enquired one local dealer here in delhi and he quoted the cheapest model at 30K after govt. subsidy. I request users of ebikes to share their experiences using...