1. T

    FS: Others [SOLD} Ugreen HDMI Switcher (4k resolution, IR remote, 3 devices)

  2. eraviii

    Monitor or TV for Console Gaming PS4

    Hello TE fam, My Current Setup : Ps4 + Dell Monitor 22inch - I feel Monitor is quite small and looking to upgrade. Please let me know should I go for a TV 32/40/42 " or Bigger Monitor like 27 / 32/ inch's. This is purely for gaming and occasionally Binge watching Movies/ Netflix on bigger...
  3. R

    Mi TV Stick or Google Chromecast 3 ? + Basic Stick Questions

    I recently got an old HD TV fixed and wanted to make it "smart" Im new to the streaming stick fashion, i want an android based stick because of better app library (assuming) 1, Out of Mi TV Stick and Google Chromecast 3, which has better hardware? 2. Im aware chromecast doesnt come with a...
  4. rajlodhiya

    Looking to buy a TV but specs are unclear in India

    Hello. I'm looking to buy an all purpose TV, for gaming, movies, computing but there seems to be no way to know the native refresh rates in most cases. Its so ridiculous that when I talked to two different customer service assistants from Samsung, both of them needed explaining as to what a...
  5. S

    Samsung Q60r or Sony X850f?

    Can't decide between the two models Samsung Q60r or Sony x8500f. Please help me in deciding which will be better in terms of longivety, picture quality and accurate colour reproduction, other details are also appreciated. Size I am going for is 49inch.
  6. I

    Looking for the best 65inch TV under 2 Lakhs

    My cousin is looking to upgrade his current 50" Samsung Plasma TV to an LED TV since the old one has started displaying vertical lines on the corners. What he wants from the TV is just a very good panel with good upscaling capabilities. He doesn't need too many smart features since he already...
  7. ! 0 t A

    Getting LED TV from Dubai

    Hey, Ill be going to Dubai for 5 days and thinking of carrying back a TV with me. My port of Exit / Entry in India will be Pune via Spice Jet (I checked they allow 55" and charge some 190 AED as handling charge). So was just wondering if anyone has had experience in handling them and any tips i...
  8. rakesh.kumar

    Buying Advice for TV ?

    1. Budget? 35k 2. Display type and size? Full HD, LED, 32 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Normal use, watching movies, matches, news etc. 4. Ports Required? 3 or 4 5. Preferred choice of brand? LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? NO 7. Any other info that you want...