1. R

    FS: Others Logitech Z-5500 5.1 THX speakers

    Above speakrs are for sale, Sub has the extra adapter that make it work with other receivers as a standalone power woofer. 4 speakers, i've removed their legs to mount them on stands. Looking for only local buyers since its heavy and not worth the hastle and I don't have the box. You can come...
  2. Y

    FS: Home Audio Video Logitech Z623 THX certified 2.1 speakers (read description)

    For sale is a set of Logitech Z623 THX certified 2.1 speaker set. The sale is on an as-is basis and the speakers are not in use for several months but they were working and still powered on as checked. Condition: The exteriors are in good shape with some rust on the subwoofer grill. There is...
  3. salman8506

    FS: Home Audio Video Logitech z623

    Selling my trusty old logitech z623, these work absolutely fine after a few years of usage, moving towards proper soundbar audio setup hence wishing to sell, Not shipping these due to size and chance of getting damaged. Local buyers are preferred. Physically a few crayon marks by my kids free...