used processors

  1. M

    Budget 71-90K What to buy used?

    I'm planning to build my first gaming desktop next month. I was always a laptop guy and this is my first build. I have no problem buying used components as long as I get the bang for buck. (Gaming purpose only). I'll decide the exact build after I decide on used vs new. 1. So what components...
  2. mayank0623

    FS: Processor Ryzen 3 2200G with stock cooler and 9 months warranty remaining

    Bought this CPU in 2019 for an APU only build but have upgraded now, so selling. Stock cooler, original packaging and invoice are also available. CPU performance is as expected and the graphics are good enough to run quite a few AAA titles from as recently as a couple years ago at 720p medium...
  3. T

    WTB Want to buy Core i7-3770 (3rd Gen) or Core i7-2600 (2nd Gen)

    I looking to by Core i7-3770 or 2600 for a decent price to upgrade my old computer. Can pickup in person in Hyderabad or shipping is fine if after delivery payment is acceptable.
  4. Vibhanshu

    FS: Processor i5 3320m

    Hi, I want to sell my 3rd generation i5 processor, this proccy was installed in my laptop whose motherboard died last year. Kept this hoping to use it again someday but now I think it is better to let it go. It's a nice update for a 3rd generation Celeron, Dual core and i3 Processor. If your...
  5. fshaharyar

    Budget 31-40k Gaming Rig from old components

    Hi Guys, I am looking to build a gaming Rig from old components. My budget is around 35K. Processor - Intel Core i7 or i5 (should I go for 3rd or 4th generation or the 6th Generation) used ones. 6th Generation motherboard has the option to be upgraded to 7th Gen CPU. Z170 or H170 boards...