1. Abhijat

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Gaming Mice (Imported)

    ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING Vaxee XE Wireless Blue Bought around 3-4 months ago, mained for 2 months, has been unused since then. Competitive firmware installed, can revert back on buyer's request. Expected Price - 12500 Zowie EC3-CW Wireless Bought 3 months ago, used for a day or two max...
  2. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Vaxee outset AX, Roccat Burst Core gaming mouse, zowie camade bungee

    Hi Guys, Reducing my mouse collection. 1. Vaxee outset AX matte black - 4 months used - stock - 5.8k plus shipping 2. Vaxee outset AX matte black - used for 2-3 matches - backup mouse - modded with kailh 8.0 switches plus tiger arc mousefeet - like new - 6.5k plus shipping 3. Roccat burst core...
  3. itzmydamnlyf

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Vaxee Zygen matte np01 esports gaming mouse like new and glorious XL heavy black 5mm thick cloth mousepad

    Hi Guys, Selling my Vaxee Zygen matte black ( newer version ) np01 gaming mouse in new like condition ( corepads PTFE mousefeet added ) and new open box Glorious XL heavy black mousepad. ( 457mm * 406mm * 5mm ) Np01- 5.5k Glorious - 2.5k Discount on combo possible. Regards X