1. Soufosale

    Private Internet Access VPN Sharing

    PIA has a 2 years + 2 months free (26 Months Total) Membership available for Rs 5,267. The subscription allows 10 devices to connect simultaneously so with 10 people sharing the account you get 26 Months of VPN for Rs 527. You can check out the features of the VPN here From the reviews, the...
  2. M

    What options are available to setup port forwarding on CGNAT ?

    What I am trying to do - I need to setup a web server that will run on raspberry pi. The server will use custom port. And one of route will have incoming data from internet Issue I'm facing - ACT ISP uses a CGNAT. So impossible to setup port forwarding What options do I have ? Please also...
  3. Black_Hawk

    VPN for Online Streaming

    Hello folks, I need a VPN (free or paid) for accessing some streaming websites I use for watching Tennis online. Most of these websites block Indian IP address through Cloudfare and throw up errors (eg: Error 120: Access Denied) and it's becoming more of an annoyance now than before. Can...
  4. K

    Kindly help with VPN questions

    Hello Kind Peeple, need some kindness with a few questions and different scenarios: 1) been working from home, the corporate IT has installed McAfee End Point Security that blocks a few things. I am fine with it mostly. But want to know: A) I noticed the Incognito mode of Google Chrome doesn't...
  5. A

    Should I Use a VPN when Working from home?

    This question has been bothering me lately. I read on several places online where they suggested to use a VPN. I was wondering if its really necessary to do so or should I access the internet like I always did?
  6. Futureized

    Android Searching for Best Emulator and VPN combination.. if works for free ?

    Using Memu, which apparently, is not being helpful as right emulator as apps i am testing detects same using bluestacks and few more.. USing Windows 7 If people can guide over here for best emulator and vpn (free or patched etc.) will be helpful.. Kindly PM if you cannot reply.. Memu gets...
  7. ddesoran9

    Choosing VPN

    Hey everyone! I'm still new at this, but could you suggest me something on choosing vpn? I saw some threads about vpn over here, but it's only old ones and since it's changing so fast, I want some updated opinions. I've heard some good thoughts about nordvpn, but maybe someone's using it and can...
  8. M

    Help breaking down the configurations of VPN and internet sharing

    Hello Everyone, I am new to TechEnclave, I saw couple of posts about VPN and Internet sharing, everyone has his own issues but never find an article that breaks down and explain the rules of setting up a vpn and internet sharing. I have a vpn server uses L2TP protocol, I can connect all my...
  9. R

    VPN recommendations?

    I need a reliable VPN which gives good speed I.e stream 1080p and 2k from multiple sites which should be around 13mbps when I'm getting 16-20mbps. It should also be good enough for general browsing and stable speeds TO various Int servers. I want to use vpn servers in or near India. It should be...