1. gaurav3282

    CPU/Mobo Facing a very strange problem with BIOS of Gigabyte A520 DS3H

    Hello guys I recently purchased a Gigabyte A520 DS3H motherboard from MD computers. It came securely with good packaging and I installed it without a fuss. But the strange thing is whenever I try to enter the BIOS a black screen with a yellowish header line shows up and nothing happens after...
  2. gaurav3282

    CPU/Mobo Need a Motherboard for Ryzen 3300X

    Hi guys I want a decent motherboard for 3300X but I am confused which one I should go for as I don't want to overspend on it... I was thinking of buying a good A520 series or entry level B550 but A520 are not available and I also dont know when they will be in stock for our market. On the other...
  3. gaurav3282

    Graphic Cards Suggest GPU under 15K

    Hi guys one of my friends is looking for a GPU and his budget is strictly under 15K (it was about 12K but he stretched it a bit to 14-14.5K). I was searching and saw the prices too much inflated, I was looking for GTX 1650 super but never found any in the budget... So guys please suggest me a...