1. desidostoevsky

    Graphic Cards my gpu has a different variant name on gst invoice

    I purchased colorful 3080 advanced oc in december of 2020 Now I noticed(when I looked for my invoice to sell it), that the GST invoice has a difference variant named on it "Colorful 3080 Ultra OC" but the GPU serial number on the invoices matched with the backplate. Is it going to cause any...
  2. B

    Need advise on buying extended warranty for Oled TV

    Hello... I recently bought a LG C1 55" OLED TV. Manufacturer warranty is for 3 years and planning to take extended warranty for 4th and 5th year. LG is quoting 41300 while onsite go is quoting 16500. 1. Anybody has experience with LG or onsite go or other third party warranty services?. 2. Is...
  3. A

    FS: Mobile iPhone 11 | 64GB | Black | Excellent condition | In warranty

    22 months old iPhone 11 | 64 GB | Black | In warranty Bill, warranty and all accessories available Used gently and in great condition. Reason for sale: Got iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery and warranty information is available in the pictures. 22 months old Black color 64GB In warranty 23 months old...
  4. A

    CPU/Mobo Is the MOBO situation irredeemable?

    Hi Guys, I have a MSI Z370 Gaming Plus mobo. The capacitor and surrounding area of 8 pin blew up yesterday. This might been due to third rate vs550 PSU (was working fine with other PSU). Is the situation completely irredeemable or can this be repaired in a local shop or through MSI (out of...
  5. TrojanKing

    Graphic Cards Zotac Extended Warranty

    Any idea how to register for extended Warranty ? Only product registration is available in Zotac India Site.
  6. F

    Budget 41-50k hp extended warranty offer on fk/amazon purchase

    so hp has festive offer 1400 for 2 years accidential + nromal warranty only problem is amazon/fk purchases are not valid. is there a work around for this want to buy a ryzen 5/1650ti laptop for 55k but extended warranty costs 5k extra compared to other brands.
  7. swatkats

    When A TV Buyer was Sold Insurance Policy as Extended Warranty!

    Vinayak Gupta (name changed) bought a Vu brand television (TV) in May 2016 from Chembur-based Kohinoor Televideo Pvt Ltd, with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. While buying the TV, the dealer told Mr Gupta that he could get an extended warranty for the television just by paying Rs4,523...
  8. H

    Budget 0-20k Galaxy GPU warranty - second hand

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question,If i buy a second hand GPU from someone with only bill.Will the warranty still be valid ?. Or do i need box ?. What if i use his Aadhaar Card and the warranty bill for Galax warranty services ?.Will that be valid ?.
  9. Skyh3ck

    Audio Soundmagic ES 18 S Genuine Check, Need Help

    Hello Guys A week back i bought Soundmagic ES18 S from Cloudtail seller for Rs 612 /- I received the package and it has a code to just the genuine product on soundmagic site, the site address is www.soundmagic.com.cn/en however when i visit the site it gives me an error as HTTP Error...
  10. titaniumshield

    PC Peripherals Buying computer parts from Newegg.

    Greetings, Recently my power supply stopped working and i wanted to buy a new one. I was looking for Seasonic MII-12 Evo 520W as it has modular cables and all in black. The only problem is i can't find any retailer or any online site that sells the particular model. So, if i buy the PSU from...
  11. saifbukhari

    FS: Mobile [SOLD] !!! |OnePlus 3T 128 GB GunMetal with 10+Mts Warranty

    Product URL: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B01FM7JDEO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Expected Price: Rs 29,999/- Non Negotiable :) Source with Time of Purchase: Bought from Amazon in December 2016 Reason for Sale: Bought an iPhone 7Plus 256GB. RMA history: Never...
  12. Nirmallya Addy

    FS: Mobile SOLD - Samsung Galaxy S6 (32GB) - Blue Topaz - w 2.5 Months Warranty

  13. A

    FS: Home Audio Video VU Smart LED 32 Inch LED 32K160M Rev.D in Warranty till Oct'17 [SOLD]

    TV SOLD Hi I want to sell my VU TV under warranty as bought a new large TV. I had bought VU 32" Android TV with extended warranty of 2 yrs (1+2) in Oct'2014. Recently the VU Panel went faulty and VU gave me a brand new VU 80cm (32) HD Smart LED TV Model LED 32K160M Rev.D as a replacement...
  14. sierrawaltz

    FS: Consoles Sony Dual Shock 4 Controller 10 Months Warranty ***PS4 BLACK (500GB) SOLD** PRICE DROP

    Hi Selling Console Barely used, Purchased from Paytm last November. (Warranty Card States Max Warranty till Jan 2017) Will bundle Extra SONY DS4 Controller/ Vertical Stand/ FIFA 2015 INCLUDE in price Controller Carries Separate Warranty ( 10 Months Left) Sony DS4 @ 3500/-...
  15. diliplp

    Graphic Cards Zotac Warranty Problem

    Hello Guys, I purchased Zotac 650TI boost edition, 2GB Gfx card in Oct-2013, card running fine till last week. It is giving frequent BSODs, I did driver cleanup and whatever other suggested steps by people online. It seems card is bad. I did registered on zotac site within 10 days for extended...
  16. S

    Graphic Cards Need Help Regarding RMA

    Hello guys, I have a Sapphire R9 - 270 graphics card. It stopped working about a month ago. Card was purchased in March 2015 and is still under warranty. Today I carried it to the dealer's service center by the name of Aditya Infotech in Noida. The person in-charge said the card was faulty...
  17. A

    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition 7720 (in warranty)(core i7, 8GB Ram) with cooler master notepal u3

    Intel Core i7 3630QM 3.20 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM (1600MHz), 1 TB Hard Drive (has space for 1 more hdd or ssd) Nvidia Geforce GT650m 2 GB graphics. 17.3" Wide screen, Backlit Keyboard 4 USB 3.0 (1 USB is with powershare) IN DELL WARRANTY(till 08 Dec 2016) Will also give Cooler Master notepal U3 Very...
  18. O

    Graphic Cards Display shuts down and crashes while gaming MSI GTX 750 ti OC

    hello guys I have bought a MSI GTX 750 ti OC edition graphics card from OLX The seller has bought the card locally from CTC Hyderabad My Specs Intel Pentium g620 4GB Corsair vengeance Gigabyte H61 DS2 motherboard Corsair CX 600 PSU Seagate HDD MSI GTX 750ti OC edition (Previously Sapphire HD...