1. M

    FS: Networking Intel AX200 wifi card

    Intel AX200 wifi card Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/189347/intel-wifi-6-ax200-gig/specifications.html Rs1400 + shipping (only wifi card) I can also trade AX200 kit + some cash for 500Gb NVME OR 16Gb DDR4 (16Gb x1 or 8Gb x2) OR 550W or 650W...
  2. Z

    WTB AX200 / AX210 WiFi cards

    New laptop has a MT7921 wifi card, performance is nowhere near my desktop which has a AX210, also Linux support is abysmal (can't connect to Wifi 6 5ghz WPA3 networks). Expected price is 2k, but negotiable.
  3. W

    Need advice on cables for home networking

    Hi TE, We're currently building a new house and before the electrical wiring happens I also want LAN cables to be in a few rooms. I am planning to get some keystone sockets and hardwire everything to a central switch in the house. What I need suggestions for is: 1. CAT cable recommendations...
  4. M

    FS: Networking Trade PC parts with Wifi cards / Desktop Wifi Kits (Intel AX201 - 9260NGW - 9560NGW)

    Looking to trade Intel AX201 - 9260NGW - 9560NGW cards or Wifi Cards with antenna kit with PC parts listed below. Number of cards or kits can be negotiated in PM for a specific PC part. HDDs: 1Tb or 2Tb (2Tb is preferred) RAM: 8Gb or 8Gb x2 or 16Gb sticks (2400Mhz and above frequency will do)...
  5. S

    WTB WIFI Card AX210 , Ax200 or MT7915

    Looking for m.2 wifi 6 or wifi 6E pci + usb card Non CNviO only. If anyone has one for sale please let me know.
  6. M

    FS: Networking Intel AX201 desktop kit (WiFi 6 and BT 5.2) and Intel 9260NGW WiFi 5 desktop kit (WiFi 5 and BT 5.1)

    Intel AX201 desktop kit WiFi 6 and BT 5.2 Compatible with Intel 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th gen motherboards with M.2 E-key slot having CNVi support. Rs 1250 + shipping 3 days testing warranty Intel 9260NGW desktop kit WiFi 5 and BT 5.1 Compatible with motherboards having a dedicated...
  7. marsweeed

    FS: Networking Tp-Link MR600 AC1200 4G+ router, under warranty

    Product Name - Tp-Link MR600 AC1200 4g+ CAT6 gigabit port router Description - accepts all networks' sim card and supports carrier aggregation. can also be used as normal router or normal router with 4g as backup. DOP - 20/09/2021 Warranty - 3 years (15 months left). Reason for sale - not needed...
  8. napstersquest

    FS: Networking TP Link Deco M5 3 Pack 15 days old

    Selling my recently purchased set of 3-pack TPLink Deco M5 Mesh Routers. They are around 15 days old. It was an impulse purchase. I already have Asus RT-AC68U + 2x AC59U in mesh, but I was having seamless roaming issues so purchased these when they were on sale on Flipkart. Managed to solve the...
  9. demonic

    FS: Networking Tp-link Deco M4 twin set

    Up for sale is my M4 router
  10. M

    FS: Networking Intel AX201, 9260NGW, 9560NGW and Mediatek MT7921 Wifi Card *** One shot deal of 54x wifi cards for 20K ***

    Intel AX201 23x cards Wi-Fi 6 , Bluetooth 5.2 ****Please note that AX201 is a CRF module (M.2: CNVio2) that uses the Intel proprietary interface, and thus can only be used with select Intel chipsets and platforms. (CNVio2 support only for 10th CPUs & later)****...
  11. napstersquest

    Asus AiMesh vs TPLink Deco M5

    I have 1x Asus AC68U (Main node) + 2x AC59U V2's in AI-Mesh. I can't get my devices to roam seamlessly while using ethernet backhaul. (It was set up as wireless mesh, nodes were put into their place, then optimized, and then Wired backhaul was added - as suggested by a forum member). When using...
  12. viralbug

    FS: Networking Netgear R7000 + Asus N13

    Product Name: Netgear R7000 SOLD Expected Price: Rs 3500 Shipping charges: Extra as per actuals Manufacturer page URL: NA Description if any: Trusty router, all working fine. Currently flashed with Xwrt-Vortex Merlin firmware. Can flash back stock firmware if required by buyer. Reason for Sale...
  13. terence_fdes

    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte GC-WB300D WiFi Card

    Gigabyte GC-WB300D WiFi Card Powerful and with a long range coverage. Guaranteed testing period of 7 days or a Full Refund.
  14. pepg28

    FS: Tablet iPad Pro M1 256gb WiFi Only with AppleCare+ till November 2023

    Selling for a Friend. Not open for any Negotiations. Mint condition,No Scratch or Damage. prefer to sell locally,however if any outside interest pops up,open to shipping at buyers risk. please keep queries to PM only. Any member is unable to reach me,leave a message,will PM when possible.
  15. RIJIN P K

    FS: Networking TP Link Archer C6 v2 with power adapter

    Product Name: Archer C6 v2 with power adapter Expected Price: Rs 1300/- Shipping charges: Excluded. Manufacturer page URL: Archer C6v2 Reason for Sale: Upgraded to wifi 6 router Product condition: 8/10 Purchase Date: Invoice date from Flipkart on 29 Oct 2020. Remaining Warranty period: 6 months...
  16. raf1988

    FS: Others CORSAIR Commander PRO RGB & Fan Speed Controller + NZXT INTERNAL USB HUB + Logitech K480 Wireless Keyboard + Netgear / ASUS Routers + Blu-ray Movies.

    For Sale CORSAIR iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller Price - ₹3,500 Condition - Used it for a few months as it was RMA’d around July / August 2022. Excellent Condition, Works Properly! Reason for Sale - Not using this anymore. Have 2 others installed which came with...
  17. Z

    FS: Networking Cisco RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router plus Bunch of Routers for cheap

    Only festival that i dont like - is HOLI. no i am not a woke environmentalist but a practical guy. I just cannot withstand cleaning myself hours after this festival. Time is of essence and i dont intend to waste it. So i brought a box of routers to home to make use of my HOLI-day . :) Apart...
  18. M

    FS: Networking *Bulk deal only: 57x cards* Intel AX201, Intel 9260NGW, Intel 9560NGW and Mediatek MT7921 Wifi Card (for Bulk Selling only)

    I need money before March ends therefore need to sell either all cards in single deal or all cards of single model in one deal. Please PM me offer for all cards or all cards of single model. I am open to all offers be it low or high but please keep it to PM. Currently selling single cards in a...
  19. Ankit Manchanda

    WTB USB WiFi Dongle

    Looking for 2pcs usb WiFi Dongle with following must: Antenna 5Ghz band support
  20. SnoopyLikesTech

    Wireless - Wired Internet conversion DEVICE help.

    So i have my router fixed at one end of the house... my pc which is at the other end needs to have Ethernet ( WIRED CONNECTION ) so that i can use it as a NAS ... but the trouble is as the pc is far away from the router I cant hook up a ethernet cable all the way long.. so im thinking of a...