1. R

    FS: Others CableZ

    Putting up for sale plethora of cables. Some are generic, some are OEM. Some are run of the mill, some are exotic. All are in working condition but bit janky due to long storage. All prices mentioned are inclusive of shipping via Speed Post. No warranty on any of the items but will provide...
  2. S

    FS: Games Nintendo Wii U (Pal)(Zelda,Kirby) and Wii(Usa)Murumasa Games

    Wii U ( Pal version) Kirby and rainbow curse(German copy but english supported) Rs 2200 Zelda Breath Of the wild Rs 2600 Both Games in very good condition. No scratches. Wii(Ntsc u/c ) version. Murumasa the demon blade Sold. Never used as it does not work on Pal wii u. Shipping Rs 100 extra...
  3. n3nimbus

    FS: Consoles Barely used Nintendo Wii U + 2x Wii Controllers + Wii Fit U Board + 6 Games

    The price includes: - Nintendo Wii U console Deluxe Set 32gb with Wii U controller/Touchpad - 2x Wii Remote Motion Plus Controllers - Wii Fit U Board - 6 games namely: Mario Kart 8 Super Mario 3d World Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Wii Sports Club Wii Fit U Super Smash Bros Wii U The cost of all...