1. raksrules

    Mac OS Any Windows / Mac software to convert OLM to PST format?

    I have a 20+ GB PST file which I downloaded on my macbook and imported the same in outlook on Mac. Now I have added few more emails to this PST and then exported the same but mac only allows OLM format (it is equivalent to pst on windows) which I did. Then I closed the OLM and everything on my...
  2. P

    WTB CPU + mobo to complement a 3080 Ti on Windows 11

    Looking for a CPU and compatible motherboard supported by Windows 11 that will not bottleneck a 3080 Ti (too much). Open to both Intel and AMD. Doesn't have to be the latest and greatest but ideally should be in warranty. However, I will consider import/non-warranty units depending on the...
  3. A

    FS: Software Genuine Cheap Microsoft products

    I am offering here are wide range of MS products. These licenses are retail version of the mentioned products unless specified. Volume and OEM license also available on request. I am selling MS keys for like 12 years now. I have good amount of reputable feedback. Here is Products I am offering...
  4. M

    Windows 10 : Usb mounted as read only

    This is a work laptop and I need to take backup before I submit. USB drive is always mounted as read only. However I'm unable to find the source of how this is managed 1) Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies is not write protected 2) Diskpart >...
  5. J

    FS: Games 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad (Red Edition) - for Nintendo Switch Windows Android MacOS Steam Raspberry Pi

    For Sale - 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Controller (Red Edition), works on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, MacOS, Steam and Raspberry Pi Price - 3.5k Condition - Excellent, used for around 15-20 hrs, included rechargeable batteries are unused (was using eneloop batteries instead) Date of...
  6. Titokhan

    [DISCUSSION] Windows 365 Cloud PC Plans & Pricing (in ₹)
  7. Mukeshmeena

    Budget 51-70k MacBook Air (M1) vs windows laptop

    Hello everyone My cousin is looking for lightweight laptop. He never used any MacBook. He wants it for long term maybe 3-5 years. As he is thinking it as of one time investment. He is not accompanied with apple OS. His main purpose will be watching Study lectures and Videos. And fill...
  8. ZeroZakri

    Replacing Robocopy

    Copying NTFS permissions from windows server 2012 to windows server 2016 still a problem using Robocopy, which lead us to do it manually but now it is over because it is not just one share, it is about 16 shares now !!! Also, I can't find a way to make Robocopy backup any needed folder...
  9. A

    FS: Laptop Acer One Z1-471

    Specs: Ram: DDR4 4 GB CPU: AMD Pro A-6 7350B Display: 1080p Matte 14 in OS: Windows 10 Education(or Pro Education) Built-In, currently has other installed Got around 130 on cinebench r15 and around 90(single core) I think it's gpu performance is similar to intel hd 4000 It's alright for light...
  10. Skyh3ck

    FS: Tablet Windows 10 tablet - Screen broken

    Product Name: Windows 10 tablet - Broken screen Expected Price: Rs 3000 Shipping charges : At Actual Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: only tablet Reason for Sale: Screen is broken, no time to get it repaired Product condition: out of 10 - 6/10 Purchase Date: exact or rough...
  11. E

    WTB Cheap old laptop for experimental use

    Hi, Looking for old laptop, nothing newer than 2nd gen Intel Core series. Pentium Quad Core CPUs also welcome. AMD also works (non-ryzen), at least 6-10 years old laptop. Should do basic web browsing, online videos and Office apps. Linux support for wifi would be nice to have as I will probably...
  12. P

    WTB Windows 98 Gaming Computer

    Hey guys, I'm looking to acquire compatible parts for a gaming pc that can dual boot Windows 98SE and Windows XP natively without any hacks. I'm open to buying (or donations of) multiples of the same components to build more than one PC. This is since, in addition to a gaming PC that I want...
  13. D

    Windows 10 2004 update?

    I am currently on 1909 Windows 10 Home single language and in the Update and Security page it says that, "The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. Once it’s ready for your device, you’ll see the update available on this page." Does anybody know how to get the Windows 10 2004 update without...
  14. CleoRBark

    Budget 90k+ Windows v Mac

    I am an architecture student. I just wanted to know which laptop would be better for me- windows or Mac? Requirements- 1. Should be an i7 processor 2. Revit/autoCAD/grasshopper/SketchUp/Photoshop etc. should run 3. Clocking speed should be 3.5ghz
  15. R

    Windows Downgrading from Windows 10 to 8.1 (Reasons Below) - How to Go About It?

    Hi, Posting in this forum after ages. I decided to make a separate topic for this because my situation is very specific and I don't know how to go about it. Over one year ago, my laptop's hard disk died, mostly due to issues with dust and heat and cooling fan failure. I was living far from the...
  16. Ramadhir Singh

    recursive archival directory in windows (batch file/VBS)

    i have a root folder, containing sub-folder like: I am trying to recursively archive "SourceCode" folder. which is labelled in in 4 variations , hence the (*code*) in below batch file Source Code Source-Code Source_Code SourceCode The problem im facing is, the parent folder are not very...
  17. S

    Security Software Tensorflow Object Detection using Tensorflow Mobile

    I am trying to use a custom model in the TF-Detect Android Demo. model: ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco The model is trained on 8 classes. After exporting the model I've optimised it using Tensorflow-Mobile. The optimised graph is giving proper output in my local system, but when it's integrated in the...
  18. Ariana Johnson

    How can we run Windows app in chrombook

    Can anyone tell me how can we run windows apps into chromebook?
  19. Amit Joshi

    All OS Buy new Tablet- Preferred Win OS

    Hello, Looking for a Tablet with good battery backup and preferred Windows OS in range of Rs. 40,000. Please suggest and not restricted to only market leaders any company would do as long as product is effective. Thank You Amit Joshi