wireless charger

  1. wooka

    FS: Others Samsung wireless charger (QC or Samsung AFC) - inbuilt fan, almost new

    Guys, Almost new Samsung wireless charger. BARELY used. Bought from the US of A. Selling cause tonnes of wireless chargers and this will not fit my car. Have bought a thinner Samsung wireless PD charger instead SINCE the Thar has virtually ZERO space to keep the phone, let alone stack a charger...
  2. DBot

    FS: Storage Hardware Anker USB Hub for MacBook, HDDs and Wireless charger

    Selling the following items and expected price has been added. All the products have been used and I don't have an estimated purchase date for the disks. Please DM for additional info. Pics of internal drive are not there since they're inside the PC. Will share it before selling. There's no...
  3. I

    FS: Others Wireless Charging Pads(Belkin, Mophie, Anker, Sandisk, IKEA, Philips)

    BELKIN Charging Pad Model :F8M747 Quantity:3 Price : Rs 450 + shipping each. what you get : charging pad shown in shared pic Purchase date : between 2018-2019 Condition : 3/5 (usage marks ) Reference : https://www.belkin.com/my/support-article?articleNum=123737 Belkin F7U014dqSLV Boost Up Qi...
  4. hairlessmonkey

    FS: Others Multiple Headphones and many more for sale

    1. Item Name: Blackwire 3225 Condition: 3 out of 5 Works fine, around 3 years old Official Warranty Status: Over / None Testing Warranty ; 2 days Additional info: Bill is not available, the Mic has been glued and cannot be rotated anymore Asking Price: 1100\- 2. Item Name: Blackwire 3320 (the...
  5. K

    FS: Others Belkin Playa wireless charger 10 watt

    Got it from Imagine on offer when I got iPhone. Can’t find concrete price, can negotiate.
  6. prd_407

    FS: Others Samsung 15w wireless charger charging pad

    Received with new phone purchase, only tested once, not been used like new condition.
  7. A

    FS: Others Clean up sale (Gpu, Psvr, DDR4 Ram Kits, Lens etc)

    Hey Folks, Putting up some items that I haven't been using at all - and looking to make some space. 1/ Asus Rog Strix RX570 4GB - Asking 9k This has been all round solid trustworthy card through the years. I used it for GPU passthrough with VMs or ask a secondary for a native Mac setup. And...
  8. Sammy22

    FS: Others Cleaning out my closet : Wireless chargers, Dlink 16 Port Switch, Noctua NH-U14S, Sleeved Cables, HP 680 Cartridges

    Clearing out some stuff which im not using or stuff that ive upgraded... I have original packaging of all the listed stuff except the round samsung charger. Samsung Wireless Charger Pad (EP-P2400BBEG) The Charger is brand new and only opened to check functionality. Date of Purchase : 25 Aug 22...
  9. malhotraraul

    FS: Others Samsung Wireless Charger EP-PG950

    Samsung Wireless Charger EP-PG950 * Brought Early 2020 * No Bill / No Box * Contents : Charger only, no cable & no adapter (What u see is what u get) * 5/5 Fully working condition, * Cosmetic Condition 4/5 because of usage marks * Selling Because I have 2, do not use this anymore * Local buyers...
  10. T

    FS: Others iPhone/AirPods (Qi) + Apple Watch Foldable Pocket Wireless Charger

    This is a Chinese OEM product that costs around $20, so selling it around that price considering it has been used only once and is tested. Supports Qi charging for the iPhone (and others) at 15W and AirPods at 3W. Also, has a raisable Apple Watch charger at 2W. Connects with a Type-C cable...
  11. Goodfella

    FS: Others Power Up 10W Fast Wireless Charger | Brand new | Sealed box

    Greetings. I bought a wireless charger last year (November 2020) with my iPhone. But never actually used the wireless charger. It is brand new and in a sealed box. It is a 10W Fast Wireless charger by Power Up. I bought it for rs. 2950. It supports iPhone(s) as well as Android(s) (with qi...
  12. thegoodsamaritan

    FS: Others SanDisk iXpand Wireless 15W Charger with QC 3.0 Adapter Included for Qi-Compatible Phones

    * Expected Price : Rs. 2,700/- * Shipping from : Kolkata, WB. * Item Condition : 5 out of 5. * Payment Options : GPay, Paytm, Bank transfer, cash, whatever is convenient and legit. * Purchase Date : Aug 8, 2021. Replaced on 15th August 2021. * Shipping Charges : Included in cost. * Have you...
  13. blackhorn

    FS: Others FS Mophie 7.5W Wireless Charger

    Up For Sale is a used 7.5W Mophie Wireless Charging Base Has seen use for about 6 months, was bought second hand from another forum. In good condition, doesn't reflect well in the pics because of the matt finish. Well made, good quality wireless charger, Thanks for looking :)
  14. R

    FS: Others (Price dropped)Samsung wirless charger duo pad EP-N6100TBEGIN

    Product Name: Samsung wirless charger duo pad EP-N6100TBEGIN Expected Price: Rs 2500 Shipping charges - Free Manufacturer page URL: https://www.flipkart.com/samsung-ep-n6100tbegin-wireless-duo-charging-pad/p/itm0a5edd346de7b Description if any: Mint condition . Has some dust collected on it but...
  15. Slayer88

    FS: Mobile Nokia Wireless Charger

    This is not a fast charger. Perfect for a bedside table to keep for charging.
  16. H

    iOS Wireless charging into Macbook

    Hi! How do you think this decision will affect laptop performance? https://www.macrumors.com/2021/01/05/apple-researching-wireless-charging-ecosystem/
  17. NoMansLand

    FS: Others [Sold] Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charger

    The Nokia Qi wireless charger is a few years old but hasn't been used much and works perfectly fine. The only reason why I have given it 4 out of 5 is coz it has got a little dirty since it is white in color.
  18. A

    FS: Others Mophie 10W Charge Stream Pad+ Wireless Charger

    Mophie is considered the best brand for wireless chargers and is recommended by Apple also. Had bought this in 2018 october for US$60 in the USA for use by my son for his Iphone 8 plus, now lying idle my son has shifted to Samsung last year october and dont need this anymore. Before buying...
  19. S

    Android Galaxy note 8 free wireless charger offer

    hello i purchased galaxy note 8 phone there was an offer for wireless charger at the time. i redeemed the code. but the charger did not came tilk date. any one who gone through such offer plz shed some light on.