1 x 1TB; 1 x 500GB; 1 x 320GB

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Needed to add more HDD's so here it is.
Reason for selling is i have had too many internal HDD's and this is the third time i am getting rid of whatever i have :p , these are the last of them.
The Seagate one is 7200.11 bought in mid 09, however it's with newer firmware and was bought after the infamous fiasco, so there's no concern.
The WD500 gig was bought on Oct 09 and the 320 gig one on Dec 8th, 09.
Products and warranty details :
Seagate ST31000333AS 7200.11 1TB - Valid till FEB 2014 Sold to Roxtin
Western Digital WD5000AADS Green 500GB - Valid till OCT 2014 Sold to Roxtin
Western Digital WD3200AAJS Blue 320GB - Valid till DEC 2014 Sold to Ronit

Warranty + Product images



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damn.. why the 1TB's always get picked up before I even come to know about them. (damn damn again :))


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dude you didnt replied to my pm since a week. I'm waiting for you in pune. Just pm me your current status and when can we finally meet.


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Is 500GB still available? sms me you number missed it somewhere :p

I'll take the 500GB :D
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