1200 INR balance in my account.. BEST gift for a 12 year old boy cousin (very small youtuber and sceintific).


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Dear Members, Of this group. (BUDGET ONLY 1200 INR)
Please suggest best gift for my cousin 12-13 year old boy from amazon.in (I have around 1200 amazon pay balance) just checked today..

He has a small youtube CREATIVE/.TECHY channel where he makes some tricks/tips videos (got banned as well twice lol, for performing videos only adults allows).
(While posting from lappy, he isnt allowing me to post channel link.. ) lol

Kindly suggest a gift, as new link will not be known to him..
Just a small 1200 rupee budged.. (he broke his tripod too)..


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In case he doesn't have a good webcam/mic, how about a decent webcam & mic?
Nice thought, kid is using NOKIA 5.1 PLUS for everything.. (mobile phone)

Edit: Nokia 5.1 or Nokia 5,1 plus (something, assume lower category)
I did reset the mobile (soft reset) but, same gets restarts once a day !
Automatically, strange.


IMHO, nokia 5.1 is a good phone. Did you update the software to the latest version? If the phone is automatically restarting, It should be either memory management issue or battery issue.

Source: Am custom rom maintainer for a low end phone.


12 years old? You thinking of giving him a gift worth 1200? He has his own YouTube channel you say?

What's the world coming to! Give him a 100 rupee chocolate and eat half off it as well.
What's wrong in being a youtuber @12 ?

Just coz you did not got the exposure when u were 12 he can't?

Check Ryan kiji reports says this 9 years old earned 215Cr in 2020 thru YouTube.
These should be perfect - smartivity https://www.amazon.in/Toys-Games-Smartivity/s?rh=n:1350380031,p_89:Smartivity
In particular I got my nephew this - https://www.amazon.in/Smartvity-Learning-Educational-Construction-Multi-Color/dp/B07KW4TN21/ , he spent a day assembling it

12 years old? You thinking of giving him a gift worth 1200? He has his own YouTube channel you say?
Early exposure can be very healthy. The same nephew @ 13 has already started dabbling with arduino, made a table tennis ball throwing machine, RC plane that flies for 3-5 seconds, which is amazing since its manually made from foam board.


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Thanks guys for fun and replies..
I guess handing over cash is good option, but kid is looking for Tripod (search says something used to mobile/camera recordings)..
So suggest best in same category of available ty/