FS: Desktops 1TB WD SN750 M.2 SSD, 16 GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance 3600MHz RAM [BRAND NEW, SEALED]


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Jan 12, 2022
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Ordered for myself, but I might either want to go for the build when the GPU prices are down or actually just end up buying a Gaming laptop instead since I do plan to travel a bit.
I have been planning a PC build and I got the following for myself, but it seems like it may not be the right time for me to build various reasons.

I ordered these in the US to a friend who will be bringing it in at the end of Jan 2022. I will be able to ship it out or have it available for pickup in the first week of Feb.

I also got the LGA1700 mounting kits for the Deepcool Assassin III and the Noctua D15 air coolers.

Prices are mostly fixed, but I might be open to discount on bundles. If no one goes for it within the next 10 days, I may end up returning them to Amazon.

3MemoryCorsairCorsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 3600 MHz (PC4-28800) C18 1.35V Desktop Memory - Black8,000
4StorageWestern DigitalWD_BLACK 1TB SN750 SE NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Solid State Drive - Gen4 PCIe, M.2 2280, Up to 3,600 MB/s - WDS100T1B0E10,000
5LGA1700 Mounting Kit for air coolerNoctuaNoctua NM-i17xx-MP83, Mounting Kit CPU Coolers on Intel's LGA1700 Platform for the Noctua D151000
6LGA1700 Mounting Kit for air coolerDeepcoolEM316-MKNNIN-G-1 LGA1700 Mounting Kit for the Deepcool Assassin III1000

Preference will be given to those who go for bundles. Local pickup preferred. Shipping will be at buyer's risk.

I will be sharing pictures of the actual items when I have them in hand. You can choose to pay only after verified pics are posted.


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I think u r not allowed to sell something which you don't have in hand or real pics of.
I'll be adding pics as soon as I have them. I won't be accepting payments before I post those in hand pics. But this is for those who want to reserve it for now. So that I can have them shipped ASAP instead of waiting.


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Why not return them back to amazon instead.
Also, even after your two threads why you still ended up in confusion and now selling stuff and returning.


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Why not return them back to amazon instead.
Also, even after your two threads why you still ended up in confusion and now selling stuff and returning.
Well I would. I have no issues. But I thought I could sell it for lower than market rates here in case anyone is interested in buying. If no one is interested, I would probably return it. No issues.

As for why I decided to not go ahead with it right now. My main reason for going for this build was to have a solid gaming setup. But right now, because I can't get a GPU, I will have to game with the UHD770, which is honestly not much better than my UHD620 that I have right now. So I'll be building a PC that for the next foreseeable months not offer any more value than what I have already.

I'm also starting to have changes in terms of career, so I may end up needing to travel more. So I'm considering getting a gaming laptop instead. I'll have to wait and see if I can manage to get away with a desktop instead, which would be my first preference. Either ways, waiting for a few months is starting to seem a lot more sensible right now personally.